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System Performance Variance Report

Variance Reporting
The reporting of variances through a System Variance Report (SVR) contained within Santa Clara County Prehospital Care Policy is an essential part of the continuous quality improvement process.  The SVR also permits the EMS Agency to recognize Santa Clara County EMS System Stakeholders that have performed exceptionally well, experienced a unique situation, or how an unusual circumstance was managed by EMS personnel.  SVR’s do not replace each department/services process or responsibility for quality improvement review (either clinically or operationally).  Prior to the completion of an SVR, the department/EMS Program Manager should be advised of the situation and intent to submit a report.  However, SVR’s may be submitted by anyone without first being approved by their EMS Program Manager.
Departments/company EMS Program Managers are responsible to work collaboratively to address variances that occur by and between their personnel.  Notification to the EMS Agency does not mean that the case will be investigated and/or managed by the EMS Agency.  Incident / call review should first be handled at the lowest level possible that will result in an appropriate quality improvement action.   The EMS Agency will track variances so that occurrences within the entire Santa Clara County EMS System are documented for the purpose of process improvement, system development, and overall clinical/operational quality improvement.
Completing and Submitting an SVR 
  1. Before submitting an SVR, read Santa Clara County Prehospital Care Policy #108:  System Variance Reporting to determine the type of variance and required materials.
  2. Notify the your department/company EMS Program Manager
  3. Submit the SVR by the process identified in the SVR form.  If it is believed that a Level A variance has occurred (review policy), then immediate notification of the EMS Duty Chief must occur.
  4. The process for the review of the SVR is contained within Santa Clara County Prehospital Care Policy #108:  System Variance Reporting.


System Performance Variance Report: Form 903 PDF   

Last updated: 3/22/2018 3:06 PM