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Individual Employee Services

Published on: 12/20/2012 12:32 PM
Special Personnel Services Program provides help to individual employees and their families. Services include help with emergency retirement, disability retirement, medical leave, connection to community resources, and with processing County-provided benefits such as life insurance benefits and salary continuation/Vacation Donation.

Medical Leave/Disability Retirement

Special Personnel Programs will assist employees and family members work through the benefits available to them and help clarify how they work, including Disability Retirement from CalPERS (California Public Employee's Retirement System).

In addition, this office provides individual assistance to employees who are facing extended medical leaves and need information on how their benefits work, including medical coverage, State Disability Insurance (SDI), Long Term Disability (LTD) and Vacation Donation.

Vacation Donation

Vacation Donation allows employees to donate Vacation/STO time to coworkers facing catastrophic circumstances.  If approved, the donation process begins immediately.  The recipient receives the donation as hours of Vacation/STO time in their bank.  This allows the employee to remain in paid status (rather than unpaid leave), maintaining benefits and seniority while using donated time.

Precautionary Retirement

When an Employee, who is not eligible to retire, is facing what might be a terminal situation, Precautionary Retirement will preserve the highest PERS survivor benefits.  Assistance with Precautionary Retirement is available from Special Personnel Programs.

Please notify this office at (408) 299-6889, or PERS, immediately if you are aware of an employee who has a terminal illness or is facing a life-threatening situation.