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State Disability Insurance Program

Published on: 12/19/2012 5:19 PM
Employees represented by certain bargaining units have an automatic deduction from their biweekly pay. This tax will appear on your paycheck as CA OASDI/Dis. Employees covered by SDI may collect benefits for up to 52 weeks for a non-industrial illness or injury.
SDI Cost And Benefit Amounts:
The biweekly cost is 1.10% of your salary up to a maximum salary of $93,316.00 annually. The amount of the benefits provided to you is based on wages paid to an employee for the highest quarter during a 12-month base period. The maximum weekly benefit amount is $987.00, as of 01/01/2010.
Integration Of SDI With Sick/Vacation Leave:
Within one week of being disabled from work, an employee or designee must notify the Departmental Employee Service Center that he/she wants to integrate leave time with SDI. The advantage of integration is to be able to receive amounts as close to, or equal to, your net pay while you are disabled. Please note that there is no guarantee of a full salary's being paid between sick/vacation leave and your SDI benefits. The amounts you will receive are dependent on various factors such as other mandatory deductions normally taken from your regular salary. An additional advantage to integration is that your basic benefit package remains intact while you are receiving paid hours from the County.
SDI has a waiting period of seven calendar days. You will need to use sick leave or vacation if you wish to be paid for the first seven calendar days of your disability.
Integration is not automatic. You or your designee must notify the appropriate authority in your department that you wish to integrate. If you do not elect integration, then you will be put on an unpaid leave of absence and receive only SDI benefits. This may affect your medical, dental, vision and life insurance. You may elect to integrate at a later date while on an unpaid leave; however, the integration will be from the point at which you make that election and not retroactive to the beginning of your leave.
Claim Forms:
Obtain claim forms from your Departmental Employee Service Center, from your doctor, or from your hospital. Complete the employee portion, secure your doctor’s statement, and mail to the address provided on the claim form. Some doctors or hospitals will assist you in completing the form and may even mail it for you. If you complete the claim form in advance, then you may start receiving SDI benefits in as little as two weeks after your disability begins.