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Santa Clara Valley Health and Hospital System (SCVHHS) is interested in re-visioning their service model and operational plan along with facilities assessments. 

With County populations expected to continue growing, and with the nation’s healthcare systems continuing to undergo changes, County and Health System leaders are actively pursuing a vision and plans for an integrated and accessible health model that will provide high quality care to those in need while actively promoting health and wellness for all.

Facilities Planning is working with consultants to help facilitate and prepare the Service Model and Operational Plan for the HHS in conjunction with its facilities assessments, to provide a comprehensive overview of the future delivery of health-related services over a 20-year period, in 5-year increments.  

The purpose of this study is to forecast the future trends in health services and to serve as a guide for future decisions on space needs, locations for growth, operational requirements, programming and budgets for Capital Improvement Program (10-year Plan) for facilities within the SCVHSS system. 

This assessment will consider both the facility and operational aspects of health system capacity and requirements planning.  Additionally, this assessment will be presented to the County’s Board of Supervisors and will be used to identify strengths, weakness, threats, and opportunities that will provide information on future developments and operational needs.

Anticipated Goals and Outcomes of the project include:

  • Renders Whole-Person Care 
  • Enables Service Excellence 
  • A health system of Community Based Centers
  • Promotes health and wellness of individuals and populations
  • Integrated and coordinated delivery of care and services
  • Promotes a Patient and Family centered system and culture
  • Promotes and provides for Patient Choice

    Operational Outcomes:

    • Workplace Efficiency
    • Supportive Physical environments
    • Collaborative and cross-functional services enabled across departments
    • Reduction in service redundancy
    • Optimized per-person costs to the County
    • Improved and leveraged clinical technology
    • Competitive market position
    • Identified savings can quantified for a cost-model analysis

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Last updated: 10/30/2018 12:46 PM