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Published on: 12/19/2012 5:21 PM

Our Mission Statement
The staff of Capital Programs Division manages the planning, design and construction of facility construction, alteration and major repair projects for County Government buildings. Our staff of 25 Architects, Engineers, Project Managers, Inspectors and Administrative staff is expert at managing the myriad of details that make a facility project successful. Our projects range in size from a straightforward upgrading of building features to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) to the construction of the $150 million Valley Specialty Center. The status of many of our projects can be viewed by clicking on the Projects link.
To our clients, and the general public, I invite you to preview our Procedures Manual to review the dozens of procedures and processes that are involved in managing a facility project. As you will see, completing a construction project does not simply consist of hiring an Architect to prepare a design and then contracting with a Contractor to build that design!
We are big on building “Green.” As I write this, our New Crime Laboratory is on track to achieve a LEED Silver rating. Our Valley Health Center at Milpitas, now under construction, is planned for a LEED “Certified” rating. Additionally, VHC Milpitas will have a solar heating system, a “first” for the County.
To prospective Contractors: We want you to work for us! We strive to produce complete and thorough bid documents. Our “front end” documents, in which we define our contract administration procedures, are written in “plain English” and are straightforward. Our Project Managers are experienced and deal with the inevitable “issues” that arise during construction in a fair and timely manner. Interested? We advertise most of our projects on the Peninsula Digital web site.
To prospective Design Professionals and Construction Consultants: We are looking for Consultants to be innovative and responsive in delivering professional services. We perform a variety of projects and seek out those consulting firms, large and small, that want to contribute to the County government’s effort to deliver first class service to the people of Santa Clara County.
Our web site is designed to be both informative and practical. Feel free to make use of any of our Procedures or our Front End documents. We have invested a lot of effort to producing these valuable documents and want to share in the value of our effort with other local governments.
Ken Rado, P.E.
Manager, Capital Programs Division
County of Santa Clara
Click here for vendor registration to do business with us or click here to view our bids.
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