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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Published on: 5/5/2016 4:16 PM
The FY 2013/14 proposed budget includes approximately $2.25 million, of which $1 million is intended for evaluation of County Resources and Consolidation and the balance is available for technical studies related to the Civic Center Master Plan. At this time, the use of the funds for technical studies has not been targeted to specific efforts.  The budget is subject to approval by the Board of Supervisors in June.​
The purpose of the County facilities needs assessment study is to determine the precise space requirements for the County, including the consolidation of departments housed elsewhere in the County, either in leased or County-owned facilities. The County seeks to improve operational efficiency by grouping departments with similar missions in close proximity to one another, as well as possibly creating a “one stop,” customer-focused center for County residents and companies doing business with the County.​
In September 2009, the Board of Supervisors adopted a revised policy directed at ensuring that County facilities and buildings would be built or improved to be consistent with LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) as well as the GreenPoint Rated system used in the private sector.
More recently, the County Board of Supervisors set the goal of converting the existing County Government Center to a facility that operates 100% on renewable energy, which would make it one of the largest buildings in the world to do so. To achieve this goal, the County is in the process of implementing a suite of energy efficiency measures and renewable energy projects.
​The City of San Jose’s Envision 2040 General Plan guides land development towards pedestrian friendly “urban villages.” County staff has had initial meetings with the City and expects that the City’s position with respect to re-zoning would be consistent with the “urban village” concept.
This property was conveyed by the City to the County to repay $10 million of the debt owed to the County. The site is approximately 10 acres. The former City Hall building built in 1958 is eligible for both California and National Historic Registries. The City Hall Annex (1975) is not eligible. County staff retained a cost estimator in 2012 to estimate the probable cost for a conceptual design to reposition the former City Hall building (approximately 113,000 square feet in size) and the estimate was approximately $46 million inclusive of escalation to Q3 2013 and an allowance for soft costs and overhead. The County is looking for the selected developer to aid the County in making choices regarding the appropriate treatment of the building, including a specific site development plan. It should be noted that for the RFQ, the respondents are not being asked how they might address this issue.
​The Existing Conditions Memo prepared by IBI Group in September 2012 summarizes such factors as:  airport height restrictions, size and age of existing building stock, parking with number of parking spaces, location of sanitary/storm pipes, etc. The report is posted on the County website.
The Civic Center Garage is for public and juror parking. The garage includes approximately 1,430 spaces. The garage is underutilized and might be included in this effort as relocation for a portion of the 1,335 space surface parking lot along North First Street currently used by County employees, or other employee parking that may be displaced.
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