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Permit Fees

Published on: 10/24/2014 11:46 AM


​  The fee charts below are for Fire Code Permits obtained
at the 70 W. Hedding Street Fire Marshal's Office


When submitting for a Fire Code Permit at our office you will pay either a fixed fee or one based on the project valuation. If you wish to determine the fee for your project before you submit please continue reading. PDF downloads of both fee charts are available by each section.



Permit submittals with fees are now submitted to the Building counter.
Sign the sign-up sheet located at the Building counter
and the tech will call your name.

The Building Counter for submittals opens at 8 a.m., and closes at 4:30 p.m.
With limited service between Noon to 1 p.m.

NOTE: Payment must be in the form of Cash, Check,
Credit or Debit Card, and can not be accepted after 4:30 PM.




APRIL 1, 2013
A $3.06 per plan page scanning fee is due when you pick-up your approved plans.
This is to cover the cost of scanning our set for easy access in the future.  This fee was approved by the Board of Supervisor’s to go into effect July 11, 2011, however we did not want to start charging it until everything was set up to scan your plans. (FYI: No charge for documentation scanning).


Fire Code Permit - Fixed Fees  

Line-Item Fee Chart Effective August 25, 2014
Summary Fee Brochure

Update: Scanning fee listed on the above Fixed Fee Chart, approved to go into effect August 20th, now in effect. Fee will be charged on issued set of plans, per page.

If your project type is not on the list below, see our Valuation fee chart below. 

  • Residential Sprinkler System (per NFPA 13D) permit
  • Re-inspection fee
  • Alternate Means of Protection
  • Wharf Hydrant/Tank Permit
  • Fuel Tank Installation (without manual dispensing)
  • Construction Site Safety Plan Review
  • Special Events permit - Minimum fee listed.  Depending on size of event fee varies, call our office for an exact fee @ 408-299-5760.
  • Tent/Canopy permit
  • Fireworks permit
  • Model Rocket permit
  • State Licensed Facility Pre-Inspection / Fire Clearance (Social Services, Health Services & Alcohol/Drug Services inspections)
  • Burn Permit
  • Explosives Storage Permit
  • Expungement Fee

Hourly rates are charged when a project goes over the Fixed Fee minimum.  Taking a look at our Fixed Fee chart you will see several Fixed Fees show the fee is based on a certain number of hours, a minimum. For example an Alternate Means base fee has a two (2) hour minimum, if the time spent on either review or inspection adds up to over two (2) hours an additional fee may be charged. This additional fee is based on our Straight-Time Hourly Rate.

Overtime fees are charged when a project requests and receives approval by the Assistant Fire Marshal for outside of regular business hours plan review, inspection, firewatch or other service.

 Fire Code Permit -  Valuation Based Fees
Valuation Fee Chart Effective August 25, 2014

Valuation Table for Building Permit Review

All Fire Code permits other than those above, including, but not limited to:

  • Non-residential fire sprinkler systems
  • Hydrant systems
  • Fire alarm systems
  • Fuel tank Installation (with manual dispensing)
  • Hazardous Materials Installation


Additional Information: