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Justice Training Center - The Academy

Published on: 8/8/2016 9:06 AM

Mission Statement:

The Santa Clara County Justice Training Center strives to enhance the law enforcement profession by implementing an innovative and progressive approach to the development of Peace Officers in our Basic and Corrections Academy.


The Justice Training Center (also known as The Academy) was created in May 2006 to train recruits to be peace officers in the State of California.  The Academy is divided into two separate academies on one campus: The Basic Police Academy and Adult Corrections Academy.  The Academy only allows agency sponsored recruits and is run by Sworn Peace Officers.  The Academy is certified by the California Peace Officer Association (POST) and Standards and Training for Corrections (STC).


Both the Basic Police Academy and the Custody Academy strive to provide the best and most up to date training for recruits.  The Academy prides itself not only on teaching the most current curriculum but on teaching recruits life skills they can apply to their professional and personal lives.  Often life long bonds are created during the academy with other recruits that are never broken.

Basic Police Academy

The Basic Police Academy is a rigorous 26-week long academy that  trains recruits to become Sworn Peace Officers in the State of California.  Recruits are instructed, and tested on several different topics including laws of arrest, firearms, defensive tactics, physical fitness and emergency vehicle operations.  Most of the day-to-day training happens at The Academy, however other locations like the Sheriff's Office Richey Training Center, and the Sheriff's Office Range are utilized for specific types of training. 

The Basic Police Academy is staffed by Recruit Training Officers (RTO's) that are Sworn Peace Officers who act as supervisors, and mentors to the recruits.  The job of the RTO's is to provide supervision, mentor, and coach the recruits on their role as a peace officer in the community.  The RTO's make sure recruits are successful not only in the classroom, but in all aspects of their training. The day to day operations of The Academy are monitored by an Academy Coordinator, who is an Enforcement Sergeant that overseas the RTO's and the Recruits.  The Academy Coordinator reports to the Academy Director, who is a Lieutenant with the Sheriff's Office.  The Academy Director oversees both the Basic Police Academy and the Custody Academy.

Custody Academy

The Custody Academy is a 13-week academy that trains recruits to be Correctional Peace Officers in the State of California.  Recruits are instructed and tested in various topics including but not limited to laws of arrest, jail operations, defensive tactics, and firearms. Just like in the Basic Police Academy, most of the training occurs at The Academy; however other facilities run by the Sheriff's Office are utilized to perform specialized training as well. 

The Custody Academy is staffed similar to the Basic Police Academy with RTO's from the Sheriff's Office Custody Division who provide the recruits with supervision and mentoring.  The Custody Academy has a Custody Sergeant assigned as The Academy Coordinator who oversees the day-to-day operation of the academy.
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