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Published on: 8/9/2016 3:01 PM
Deputy Sheriff Cadet/Lateral

As a Deputy Sheriff you’ll be responsible for enforcing the laws in communities throughout Santa Clara County. You’ll serve bench warrants, be responsible for the execution of all civil court orders, and work in cooperation with other agencies on specialized county-wide law enforcement task forces. Additionally, you can work in the three contract cities of Cupertino, Los Altos Hills and Saratoga, where you will serve as their law enforcement agency. We even provide law enforcement services to the Superior Courts of California, County Parks, and the Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority (VTA.) We’re everywhere, and you can be too!

 Apply for Deputy Cadet

Elmwood JailAs a Correctional Deputy you’ll be responsible to maintain order and security of inmates within one of the foremost detention facilities in California. You’ll supervise inmate work crews on projects throughout the County while assisting with behavioral modification of inmates, encouraging acceptable social behavior. A further role may be to provide services and/or behavioral controls that would aid in the correction of the inmate’s behavior and aid them whereby they may be permitted to return to the community. Additionally, you can work in our Custody Alternative Sentencing Unit, Classification Unit, Programs Unit, E.R.T. and Visitation Unit.


apply for corrections

Reserve Deputy Sheriff
The Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Office has one of the largest Reserve Units in the County. The Reserve Unit is made up from members of the community who volunteer their time to supplement Sheriff’s Office services. The majority of our current Reserves are retired peace officers, successful business owners, and medical doctors. The men and women of the Reserve Unit decided to join the Sheriff’s Office because they wanted to give back to the community. All of them enjoy being peace officers while keeping their day to day jobs. We currently have three levels within the Reserve Unit. 

Call the Reserve Unit
at (408) 808-4570 to apply

Extra Help Deputy Sheriff

As an Extra Help Deputy you’ll be responsible for enforcing the appropriate laws within Santa Clara County, including the protection of life and property; investigate criminal offenses; the apprehension of law violators; protection of judicial and court staff; the service of civil processes, and other technical law enforcement tasks as assigned. Further responsibilities include the service of legal processes as issued by the court, court security liaison as a Sheriff’s Representative, maintaining the security of inmates in court facilities by taking periodic counts, and close surveillance of their activities, screen the public as they enter secured locations. ​Please contact Sheriff's Office Personnel at (408) 808-4611 to apply.

(Please follow the instructions indicated on the job announcement)
[Closing Date: Tue. 01/05/16 11:59 PM PT]

Professional Staff / Civilian Positions
There are many other civilian positions available within the Sheriff's Office. Simply meet the  minimum requirements, complete the background investigation process, and start your career with the Sheriff's Office. 

The mission of the Medical Examiner – Coroner’s Office is to serve the community by conducting objective medicolegal death investigations in a compassionate manner into all deaths which fall under the jurisdiction of Santa Clara County. Contact the Coroners Office if you need information relating to unattended, unusual, violent, or accidental deaths. Autopsy Reports are available relating to unattended, unusual, violent, or accidental deaths. Private Autopsies can be performed, when requested by the legal next-of-kin. The Sheriff’s Office in conjunction with the Coroner’s Office, offer community education classes and presentations, Decedent Identification, notification of next-of-kin, as well as grief counseling.

Help give back to your community, and become a volunteer for the Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Office. You will go through a background process before you start your exciting service. As a volunteer, you can work at many of the Sheriff’s Office locations such as the Academy, Hall of Justice, Main Jail, Sheriff’s Headquarters, Sheriff’s West Valley Division, and many other Sheriff’s Community Events.
Contact the Sheriff’s Office Reserve Unit at 408-808-4570 to receive an application.
Minimum Requirements:
  • At least 18 years of age
  • No Felony convictions
  • Desire to be involved with your community
  • Must be of Good Moral Character
  • Complete 24 volunteer hours per year
  • Accurately complete a Volunteer Application
  • We will conduct a Background Inquiry
  • Fingerprinted through LiveScan
  • This process can take approximately 3 months
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