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Electronic Document Submission


​The Department of Environmental Health (DEH) and California State Water Resources Control Board both have electronic document reporting requirements for all LOP and VCP cases.

NOTE: Any electronic or paper documents related to fuel leak case files can be submitted directly to the Geotracker website. Please send an email notification of the upload to the caseworker, and he/she will receive and review all documents through Geotracker. All historical documentation previously hosted on LUSTOP has been successfully transferred to Geotracker.
Failure to submit will delay your project.  Electronic reporting eliminates the need for paper submissions.  This e-government initiative is aimed at further preserving our environment and natural resources and to make document management and retrieval more effective.​
Free PDF Tools
You can download a free PDF printer such as:
These tools will allow you to create a PDF from just about any file format.
Last updated: 11/30/2017 4:13 PM