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Site Mitigation Program


Our Mission
The Site Mitigation Program addresses the protection of the County of Santa Clara's water resources, specifically groundwater basins, through the prevention and cleanup of adverse environmental factors, preservation and improvement of beneficial environmental factors that affect our community's health and safety and the minimization of the economic costs to the general public and business community of our County.

Local Oversight Program (LOP)
Since July 1, 2004 the Department of Environmental Health (DEH) has served as the oversight agency for investigations and clean-up of petroleum releases from underground storage tanks through implementation of the Local Oversight Program (LOP) contract with the State Water Resources Control Board (SWRCB). The program services all cities and unincorporated areas within Santa Clara County. Prior to July 1, 2004 the Santa Clara Valley Water District served as the oversight agency.

All LOP documents (electronic case files) are posted on the State Water Resources Control Board's Geotracker website. Documents relating to site cases and other related reference information are available for online viewing by clicking on the link provided in our Quick Links on the right side of our page. Contact information is available through the links to the right or at the bottom of our page.
Site Cleanup Program (SCP)
The California Health & Safety Code Sections 101480 through 101490 provides authority for the SCP to provide regulatory oversight of remedial action at properties contaminated by hazardous materials not from underground petroleum storage tanks.  Oversight activities can include review of Phase I and Phase II investigations, review of site assessment and remediation work plans, review of site management plans, review of analysis of sampling data, establishment of site cleanup criteria, or any other remedial action determined necessary by the SCP to protect human health and the environment.  
Under this program a Responsible Party (RP) for a contaminated site must request our oversight.  A RP in this program is defined as any person or entity that requests our oversight.  RP's in this program may or may not be the entity that caused the contamination (discharger).  Once an Application for Regulatory Oversight is received (see Attachments below), a project scoping meeting is required.  The SCP requires Responsible Parties (RPs) to enter into a Remedial Action Agreement (RAA). This RAA must be in place prior to our oversight on any project. A sample RAA is available below for reference. Do not complete this form and submit to our office. We will generate the RAA after the scoping meeting has been held and all required notifications have been made. 
If you are interested in entering into this program, please complete and submit an Application for Regulatory Oversight or contact us directly to schedule a meeting.
All SCP documents (electronic case files) are posted on the State Water Resources Control Board's Geotracker website.
For More Information Please Contact:
Aaron Costa
Senior Hazardous Materials Specialist
Phone: (408) 918-1954
Last updated: 11/28/2018 9:44 AM