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Pesticide Safety Education & Pest Management

Last modified: 4/13/2016 3:34 PM

Most of the public agencies employ right-of-ways, parks, urban turf & landscape and structural maintenance workers or hire contractors to manage pests. Part of their job responsibility is to apply pesticides safely to maintain a pest-free environment throughout the facilities & operations. A pest management professional has a legal and professional obligation to follow all pesticide directions and provide service in a way that ensure proper use of pesticides and protect the people & the environment from risks. There is much more to safety in pest management work than just the responsibilities involved with pesticide use.

The primary objective of IPM-Pesticide Safety Education is to provide personal safety training to pesticide applicators in order to reduce pesticide handling & application risks, an integral component of the human and environmental health protection. Its main strategy should be to engage pesticide applicators into a thinking process towards precautionary approach to environmental safety, prepare them to become professional pest managers, consider alternative pest management practices, not just the safe pesticide applications.