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Demonstration & Field TrialsLake

Last modified: 7/9/2013 5:52 PM

LakePlanning and demonstrating reduced risk pest management strategies should be a continuous process. Demonstrations and field trials on new innovative ideas, products and services are effective tools to train the User Groups. IPM demonstration sites helps to provide hands-on education coupled with a relevant, "real-world" example. For example, Santa Clara County Department of Parks and Recreation has dedicated Ed Levin Regional Park to conduct field trials and demonstration (Non-Agriculture Production IPM) to evaluate the reduced risk chemical and alternative strategies. Other county owned sites are also used to conduct short-term trials. Over last three years several of these trials and demonstrations are conducted. Once proven effective and sustainable, these alternative methods have now been adopted at a wide scale and become an integral part of the pest management resulting in reduced use or elimination of pesticide use. Some of the examples are as follows:


Aquatic weed control using mechanical harvesters

  • Aquatic weed control using mechanical harvesters

Park entrance


  •  Argentine ant control through precision baiting, physical alteration and tenant awareness

Man spraying pesticide


  • Averting herbicide application in Turf through Field Scouting and decision making process

Yellow jacket abatement, trapping & control in regional parks

  • Biological Control of Algae in Lakes & Ponds and Rejuvenating water body using aerators

Signs of clove oil

  • Bird Exclusion at Correctional Facility
  • California Ground Squirrel Control at Animal Shelter
  • California Ground Squirrel Control at Correctional Facility
  • California Ground Squirrel Control at Regional Airports & Regional Parks
  • Dry Wood Termite Control: Inspection leading to decisions about fumigant use or non-chemical approach
  • Norway Rat Control at Animal Shelter
  • Optimizing Turf & Landscape maintenance protocols and Plant Health Care
  • Pocket Gopher Control at Regional Airports
  • Right of Way Vegetation Management - incorporating improvements in Road design through Poly pavement & Weed mats
  • Total Vegetation Control on Roads (Rights of Way) - A decision making process
  • Total Vegetation Control: using radiant heat and torches
  • Total Vegetation Control: using Rubber, Wood Mulch, Weed Fabrics
  • Total Vegetation Control: using solarization
  • Total Vegetation Control: using steam - Waipuna Technology
  • Total Vegetation Control: using Organic Herbicides
  • Vermin proofing structures
  • Yellow Jacket Abatement, Trapping & Control in Regional Parks
  • Pesticide Applicator Safety Education Demonstration