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Composting in the Classroom

Published on: 2/26/2014 10:30 AM

​Information for Schools & Teachers: COMPOSTING

The Home Composting Education Program of Santa Clara County can help your school start a composting program. Composting at school is EXCITING! Kids love it!

Schedule a teacher training or class presentation on how to compost at school. We prefer to begin programs early in the school year so students can see the changes in the compost as the year progresses. There is a $10 materials fee.

Does your school have a garden or life lab? We have a limited amount of compost bins available for school use. We can teach you to compost leaves, paper, food waste, grass clippings and other organic material.

For food waste composting, we can provide a worm bin and worms, and will teach you how to recycle food waste at school. Learning about worms can fit into school curricula such as science, ecology, creative writing, math and a host of other subjects.

Children love the worms! The disappearance of garbage after a few weeks amazes the children. Some children change what they bring for lunch so that they can have leftovers to feed the worms. Worm boxes show recycling in action.


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