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Customer Service Advantage

Published on: 3/16/2015 10:41 AM

Program description: This certification is for anyone who regularly interacts with the public and coworkers and is interested in improving their customer service abilities.

Discover best practices for effectively engaging with customers in ways that promote ethical behavior, setting boundaries, and resolving customer problems or questions in a professional manner. Each class in this program is intended to help you assess your skill level and give you the necessary tools to help you improve your responsiveness and reach higher levels of customer satisfaction.

Learning objectives:
  • Assess your level of responsiveness when dealing with customers and learn methods for measuring and building customer satisfaction.
  • Identify behaviors that enhance good customer service skills in the public sector.
  • Learn de-escalation techniques when engaging difficult customers and learn to apply concrete steps for healing customer relations.
  • Discover important techniques when dealing with customers in writing.

 To register for any of these classes, click on the following link:



Dealing with Difficult Customers and Coworkers** – Two half-day sessions that focus on strategies to deal with difficult customers and stay in control of the situation.
Please note:  All sessions of this course must be taken in the same quarter.
Serving Multigenerational Customers** – One half-day session that covers valuable skills to understand the perspectives, preferences and expectations of multigenerational customers.
Teamwork & Customer Service (FISH) – One half-day session that will help you tap into your team as a valuable resource.
Course based off the FISH philosophy from Pike Place Fish Market.
Balancing Customer Service With Self Care – One half-day session that focuses on a plan - full self-management approach to manage job burnout.
Customer Service over the Phone  – Covers how to make a good impression by listening and using questions to probe for more information, how to empathize and be sincere with the customer.
 One hour --Web based Training Course


**​The Customer Service Advantage Certification has been updated with new courses to provide more relevant and timely content. Dealing with Difficult Customers & Coworkers is replacing Customer Service Essentials and Serving Multigenerational Customers is replacing Deliver Customer Service in Everything You Write. With respect to the required courses for the certification, the new courses are equivalent for the courses that they are replacing. For any questions relating to the updated program, please contact the program manager at the email listed below.

Education Credits: Earn a certificate by completing the five required courses within a two year time frame. Completion of this certificate is equal to ONE semester unit and can be applied to County jobs which require such education credits.

Program Manager: