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Effective Communicator

Published on: 9/22/2015 4:50 PM

Program description: Designed for professionals at all levels, the Effective Communicator Certificate Program provides an opportunity to develop core communication skills that are critical in today's fast paced and dynamic work environment. If you’ve ever had difficulty getting your message across or understanding the meaning behind what’s being said, this program is for you.

This program teaches participants best practices for communicating effectively in the workplace and promotes the practices of setting boundaries, confidentiality and ethics.

Learning objectives:

  • Discover tools and best practices for improving your listening skills.
  • Gain more confidence and decisiveness through assertiveness and feedback.
  • Learn to stay calm under pressure & practice techniques for dealing effectively with challenging situations.
  • Learn and practice proven techniques to motivate, persuade, teach and instruct participants in trainings and presentations.

 To register for any of these classes, click on the following link:



Communication Essentials** – Two half-day sessions. Focuses on strategies, tools and best practices that enhance one’s ability to communicate effectively with others.  
Please Note:  All sessions of the course must be taken in the same quarter.



Communicating in Challenging Situations – One full day session.  Identify workplace behaviors and styles during both normal and challenging situations.  Recognize strengths and weaknesses in your own and others' styles.  "Read" verbal and nonverbal cues as they relate to the DISC model.
Present Yourself: Six Steps to More Effective Presentations – Two half-day sessions.  Learn and practice techniques and tools that will help you become a more confident, compelling speaker.
Please Note:  All sessions of the course must be taken in the same quarter.



Emotional Intelligence – One half-day session that focuses on managing emotional intelligence including self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation, empathy and effective relationships.
Conflict Skills Training** - One half-day session. Focuses on learning proven ways of managing conflict effectively.





Communicating Across Cultures – Offers guidelines and best practices for speaking and writing across cultures.
One hour -- Web based Training Course


**The Effective Communicator Certification has been updated with a new course to provide more relevant and timely content.  Conflict Skills Training is now a requirement to obtain the Effective Communicator Certificate.  The Communication Essentials course is now a two-half day sessions course instead of three-half day sessions. With respect to the required courses for the certification, registrants that have taken some of the required courses prior to December, 2014 will be grandfathered in.  For any questions relating to the updated program, please contact the Certification Program Manager, Miriam-Vargas-Padilla at the email listed below.   

Education Credits: Earn a certificate by completing the five required courses within a two-year time frame. Completion of this certificate is equal to TWO semester units and can be applied to County jobs which require such education credits.

Recommendation: We recommend you begin with Communication Essentials. All sessions of the Essentials course must be taken in the same quarter. You can take the other courses in any order.

Program Manager: