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New Employee Orientation

Published on: 8/29/2016 12:15 PM

New Employee Orientation

Why: New Employee Orientation is essential to meet the needs of new employees during their first 90 days here at Santa Clara County. Together with the initial onboarding provided by the Service Centers and the onsite Agency or Departmental specific orientation plans, the goal is for every new employee to be fully informed about the programs and services available to them and how to connect with each one whenever needed.

Who: County employees should complete all of the Certification requirements within three months of their hire date. The New Employee Orientation Certification is

assigned to each new employee through the County learning platform sccLearn. When they first login to sccLearn, the Certification appears in their Assigned Programs and they may immediately begin participating.

What: New Employee Orientation Program provides new hires with an introduction to the County and the services and benefits provided to its clients and employees. The program is in two parts:

  •  The first part is delivered online. By registering for the assigned New Employee Orientation Certification the first time they login to sccLearn, new employees will participate in a variety of online information sessions. They begin with the "Welcome" session.
  • The second part is delivered in a classroom setting. The New Employee Orientation Certification includes a registration link to select a classroom "Meet and Greet" session. During this time representatives from a variety of programs and services will provide updated information and be available to answer individual questions. It is recommended that each employee register for a classroom session as soon as they complete the online "Welcome." By the time they attend the "Meet and Greet" it is expected that all of the assigned online sessions have been completed. 

Information is proved both online and during the "Meet and Greet" on a number of programs and services: (in alphabetical order after the "Welcome")

  • Welcome by the County Executive
  • Deferred Compensation
  • Disaster Service Worker
  • Employee Assistance
  • Employee Wellness
  • Equal Opportunity
  • Occupational and Environmental Safety Compliance
  • Training Programs and Education Reimbursement
  • Understanding Your Pay Stub or ePay Advice Document

When: Each of the two parts occurs at different times.

  • The first part is the online information sessions. they are available 24/7/365 by logging into sccLearn. Each may be taken as often as desired. These sessions may be taken during work hours and it is important to check with your supervisor or manager when it is the best time to do so. They may also be taken away from work. Some employees have found it is helpful to review a session again at home or to share some information when family, partners or dependents are available to watch as well. However, employees do this voluntarily without any expectation of pay or compensatory time. Taking online sessions away from work does not constitute eligibility for overtime, admin time, training time or any other form of compensation or reimbursement.
  • The second part is held in a classroom setting and is scheduled once a month. As part of the New Employee Orientation Certification you select a session by registering for one of the upcoming monthly "Meet and Greet" sessions. Registering as soon as the online "Welcome" is completed makes sure the next available sessions are offered to you.

Where: The first part can happen wherever the employee can log in to sccLearn. The second part is held at The Charcot training and Conference Center located at 2310 N. First Street, Suite 102. Directions and a map are HERE.

HOW: As soon as you have your employee ID number and a County email account, log in to sccLearn from a County computer. Your New Employee Orientation Certification is waiting for you now! Just click Register and you are on your way! If you are ready to log in to sccLearn click HERE.

Have questions or need help? Here are the best contacts:

  • To follow up on any information or forms received through your Service Center, contact them directly. If you don't remember your Service Center, a complete listing can be found HERE
  • Having difficulty logging into sccLearn for the first time? The "Logging in to sccLearn" information is HERE.
  • Still having problems with sccLearn? The User Support Site can be reached HERE.
  • Questions about the New Employee Orientation or Certification? Email Learning & Employee Development at