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Professional Development Fund

Published on: 6/12/2015 8:48 AM

The Professional Development Fund (PD) is a benefit available to certain coded County Employees to reimburse for events or classes that demonstrate academic value to the County.

  • PD can cover registration fees, travel, food, and lodging expenses related to courses or seminars attended out of town, and, when specified in the union contract, license costs.
  • The fund may also be used to cover balances on claims made where TR funds have been exhausted. 
  • The amount reimbursed will be at a rate of 50% up to the individual’s negotiated maximum.

How much is available?

Your bargaining unit has negotiated that a certain amount of funding be allocated toward Professional Development. Refer to the Tuition Reimbursement and Professional Development Fund Amounts to determine what funding, if any, your unit has bargained for on your behalf. 

How do I know if there are funds remaining?

Refer to the TR and PD Fund Amounts. If you see “funds suspended,” there are no reimbursements available for that particular union at that time.   If you would like to know how much you personally have in your bank, please contact Learning & Employee Development.

Do I need manager’s approval for professional development?

The need for manager’s approval varies according to your contract.  It is to your advantage to submit forms prior to your event to assure you meet all the submission requirements, including proper approval.

Where do I find more information and the forms to apply?

Learn more about Professional Development Guidelines​ and the PD forms to submit.

RNPA members do not submit claims directly to the County, they submit to RNPA directly, following instructions on the form.