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Managing Employee Performance Courses

Published on: 2/28/2014 1:51 PM

 Performance Management Cycle


Managing employee performance daily is the key driver to productive and engaged employees. In this class, Managers and Supervisors will gain the essential skills to manage employee performance to achieve greater results.  With an in-depth focus on three overarching themes: Plan for Performance, Coach & Lead, and Develop & Inspire, along with interactive learning labs and experiential activities, leaders will practice new skills to ensure new habits are formed and transferred to the workplace.

Participants enrolled in the Managing Employee Performance course must also complete 2 e-learning modules:

1. Performance Appraisal Process at Santa Clara County (required)
This new online course reviews ways to prepare for appraisal meetings, and provides steps and guidelines for effective performance appraisal meetings.

    2. And choose from one of these:
    • How to Work with Negative People
      This course delves into the characteristics of some common types of negative people you may encounter within the workplace, and it also discusses strategies you may use to help you deal with their behavior.
    • Performing With Others Under Pressure
      This course helps you develop skills you need to recognize your personal reaction to pressure and how it impacts your working relationships.

    Is your department interested in this course? The course is available for departments, delivered in 4 half-day sessions with a minimum of 20 participants.  For more information and to schedule, contact Sandy Monsees at 408/299-6857.

    To register for courses, go to scclearn.​