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Retirement Planning

Published on: 2/3/2016 1:33 PM

The County of Santa Clara values the professional and personal growth of its employees at all stages of their career, whether they are just getting started or ready to retire. With that in mind the Learning & Employee Development Department offers county employees a wide variety of classes to help better prepare you for you retirement. Let us help you prepare for this important even in your career with the County, whether you're just starting your career or planning retirement in the next 6 months, we have a class for you. ​

vEarly Career 
You are just getting your career started and retirement is a long way away. Take advantage of our planning for retirement programs which can help you build a solid financial foundation for your future, including: 

          * Investing for Retirement: Just the Basics

          * Why Invest Early & Why Save Early

          * Juggling Financial Goals

vMid- Career (vested- 9 months before retirement)

You've made it to the 5 year mark and beyond, you are now a vested employee. The County has a number of different classes to help you continue to make financial plans leading up to your retirement including: 

          * Estate Planning For Everyone

          * Retirement Investing Simplified

          * Health Care in Retirement (Navigating Medicare & Navigating Long-Term Care)

vEnd of Career (Retiring in the next 9 months)

​Gearing up for retirement can be a confusing & stressful time, but it shouldn't be. Let us help you      navigate through the confusion with classes such as: 

          * Retirement Planning Workshop- CalPERS, Employee Benefits, & ICMA 

          * Retirement- Ready or Not?

          * Social Security Steps- Public Sector Focus

          * I am Nearing Retirement. Now What? Managing your ICMA-RC Retirement Accts


Retirement Planning Checklist & Worksheet
Sample 'Retirement Planning' calculators:

   AARP Retirement Calculator  

   Wells Fargo Bank Retirement Calculator

Visit the following sites for additional retirement information:


   Social Security


   Employee Assistance Program

   ESA Benefits

   Retired Public Employees Association  (RPEA)