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Published on: 2/3/2016 11:49 AM
The Mental Health Department’s (MHD), Learning Partnership Division is partnering with the Department of Alcohol and Drugs Services (DADS) to provide exceptional trainings. The trainings are free for Santa Clara County employees and MHD and DADS contractors. Continuing education units (CEUs) fees are free for Santa Clara County employees and MHD and DADS contractors who register for our trainings.
To register online: sccLearn User Support Site
Don't forget, Learning Partnership has now gone green!
(Please see our flyer for more information) 

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Please Note: 

Forms from this page have been moved to Quality Assurance page found under Business Partners menu. 



Behavioral Health Information on Core Skills and Training:

The F&C/TAY Behavioral Health Integration Core Skills and COD Training Recommendations include a description of the training program for practitioners to build Co-Occurring skills as well as details of the core skills expected at the Co-Occurring Informed, Co-Occurring Capable and Co-Occurring Enhanced levels.