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Veterans Outreach Project

Published on: 6/14/2016 1:05 PM

Santa Clara County Office of Supportive Housing
3180 Newberry Drive, Suite #150
San Jose, CA 95118

Contact Information: 

Fred Henderson, Mental Health Peer Support Worker
Office of Supportive Housing

Phone: 1 (408) 793-0552
Fax: (408) 266-0124



Santa Clara County Department of Behavioral Health Services understands that Veterans have experienced hardship and trauma, and deserve to receive culturally competent services. Some Veterans are not receiving needed behavioral health services, either due to barriers such as stigma, cultural appropriateness, and lack of resource knowledge; or ineligibility for Veterans Affairs services or other community Veterans Programs.


The mission of the Veterans Outreach Project is to provide outreach, referrals and peer support to Veterans in our community. Veterans who have barriers to access care, and/or who are in vulnerable and high risk life situations will benefit from support such as outreach, education and peer support in accessing behavioral health and other needed services.


Regardless of discharge status, service experience and personal background, all veterans deserve to receive culturally competent behavioral health services for their willingness to sacrifice their life for our country.

Coming home from service in the Armed Forces is not a "ick up from where you left off" situation. Feelings such as detachment, depression, suicidal thoughts, fear, panic attacks, anger, nightmares and family and social concerns can all be part of the transition back home.

For support please contact: 1 (408) 793-0552

Click here to read the Veterans Outreach Project (VOP) brochure​ (rev. 06-14-16)