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Mother’s Milk Bank
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Volunteer Opportunities

Published on: 11/15/2012 11:07 AM


Volunteer by simply passing out information about the Milk Bank to your pregnant or nursing friends, people you meet in childbirth class, the shopping mall, or anywhere you think there is or will be a nursing mom. Just carry some of our fliers wherever you go and be an ambassador to the MMB.

Mother Hubbard Club

Volunteer to be a collection point for other milk donors in your area. Good for play groups or church groups that meet on a regular basis. We can cover more ground if our drivers can pick up from several donors at one location.

Road Runners

Volunteer drivers to pick up milk at Mother Hubbard sites, or at donors' homes or work places, once a month. Great for those of you who have to commute into the San Jose area. Car insurance and DMV check required.

Generation M

Youth service groups looking for community service hours (high school students, counts, churches, etc.) can sign up to help with our once-a-month milk bottle round up or special events.

Honey Club

Office volunteers are always needed during working hours and will have a variety of tasks available and we promise to keep you busy as a bee with our 'honey do' list.


Internships are available for college or high school senior students who are interested in the fields of medicine or microbiology.

If you would like more information about volunteering for the Mothers' Milk Bank, please call (408) 998-4550.