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National Park Service's criteria for approving an NHA

  1. An area has an assemblage of natural, historic, or cultural resources that together represent distinctive aspects of American heritage worthy of recognition, conservation, interpretation, and continuing use, and are best managed as such an assemblage through partnerships among public and private entities, and by combining diverse and sometimes noncontiguous resources and active communities;
  2. Reflects traditions, customs, beliefs, and folklife that are a valuable part of the national story;
  3. Provides outstanding opportunities to conserve natural, cultural, historic, and /or scenic features;
  4. Provides outstanding recreational and educational opportunities; 
  5. The resources important to the identified theme or themes of the area retain a degree of integrity capable of supporting interpretation;
  6. Residents, business interests, non-profit organizations, and governments within the proposed area are involved in the planning, have developed a conceptual financial plan that outlines the roles for all participants including the federal government, and have demonstrated support for designation of the area;
  7. The proposed management entity and units of government supporting the designation are willing to commit to working in partnership to develop the heritage area;
  8. The proposal is consistent with continued economic activity in the area;
  9. A conceptual boundary map is supported by the public; and
  10. The management entity proposed to plan and implement the project is described.

Last updated: 10/27/2016 1:29 PM