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MCC and RMCC Program Forms, Procedures, and Other Information

Published on: 9/12/2016 2:38 PM

Mortgage Credit Certificate (MCC) Applications are currently being accepted.


Contact Information:

County of Santa Clara

Office of Supportive Housing

3180 Newberry Drive, #150

San Jose, CA 95118


(408) 793-0550

(408) 266-0125 (fax)



General MCC Program Documents





MCC Program

  • The MCC Application and required documentation must be received by the County BEFORE the Close of Escrow on the home to be purchased with the MCC.
  • Original signatures are required on all the MCC application forms.
  • No faxed or emailed MCC applications will be accepted.
  • For married applicants both spouses names must be listed on the MCC Application forms and both spouses income must be considered when calculating annual income.

Phase I.   Obtain the MCC Commitment 

[Submit items 1-9 to the County prior to the Close of Escrow]


  1. $500 MCC Application Fee [Make check payable to "Santa Clara County"]
  2. Purchase Contract or Sales Agreement fully Executed by both parties. 
  3. Copy of 1003 Loan Application
  4. Copy of 1008 Transmittal/Underwriting Form
  5. MCC-013, Checklist/Transmittal Form [Use as a guide][PDF Fillable Form]
  6. MCC-007, MCC Commitment Form [PDF Fillable Form]
  7. MCC-003, MCC Application [Applicants signatures must be notarized] [PDF Fillable Form]
  8. MCC-015 Notice of Potential Recapture Tax [PDF Fillable Form]
  9. MCC-016, Method to Compute Potential Recapture Tax [PDF Fillable Form]


Phase II.    Obtain the Final MCC Certificate 

[Submit items 1-6 to the County after the MCC Commitment has been issued and no more than 2 weeks after the Close of Escrow]

  1.  Copy Final HUD-1 Settlement Statement [Not Estimated]
  2. Copy Promissory Notes for primary mortgage and all subordinate loans.
  3. MCC-013, Checklist/Transmittal Form [Use as Guide] [PDF Fillable Form]
  4. MCC-005,_Seller's Closing Affidavit  [PDF Fillable Form]
  5. MCC-008, Borrowers Closing Affidavit [PDF Fillable Form]
  6. MCC-009, Lender Closing Certifications [Signed by a representative of the Direct Funding Lender listed on the HUD-1, and not the  Broker] [PDF Fillable Form]
  7. MCC Qualified Census Tracts 2016


Once the County has received the above documents, the County will issue the Final MCC Certificate and mail it directly to the homebuyer and a copy to the Funding Lender.



Reissued Mortgage Credit Certificate (RMCC) Program 

When and How to Apply:
Submit items 1-13 to the County after the Close of Escrow of the refinanced loan.
An RMCC is NOT dependent upon MCC funding as the exisitng MCC is being Reissued.


  1. $350 Application Fee, made payable to the County of Santa Clara

  2. RMCC-013, Checklist/Transmittal Form [Use as Guide] [PDF Fillable]

  3. RMCC-003, RMCC Application [Both applicant and Loan Officer sign this form.] [PDF Fillable]
  4. RMCC-019 Ownership Change Addendum
  5. RMCC-009 Lender's Closing Certificate
  6. RMCC Exhibit A
    1. RMCC Amortization Table for Exhibit A
  7. RMCC -015 Notice of Potential Recapture Tax
  8. Final Settlement Statement [Estimated Settlement Statements will not be accepted]
  9. Copy of Promissory Note for Refinanced Loan
  10. Copy of 1003 Loan Application
  11. Copy of Preliminary Title Report
  12. Copy of 1st 4 pages of  Deed of Trust for Refinanced Loan
  13. Copy of last valid MCC or RMCC issued