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Homeland Security

Published on: 2/13/2013 4:19 PM


The element of surprise is a great advantage used by terrorists.  Likewise, awareness of your surroundings is a great counterforce.  Know the routines.  Whether it be in your community, at school or work, this can empower you to easily identify anything suspicious.  This is especially important among large crowds at special events.
  • Report any suspicious activity to local law enforcement immediately.
  • Understand the Homeland Security Advisory System:
    • Severe (red) – Severe risk of terrorist attacks.
    • High (orange) – High risk of terrorist attacks.
    • Elevated (yellow) – Significant risk of terrorist attacks.
    • Guarded (blue) – General risk of terrorist attacks.
    • Low (green) – Low risk of terrorist attacks.
Prepare emergency supplies, an emergency plan, and discover volunteering and training opportunities within your community.
(Attribution:  American Red Cross)