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Office of Emergency Services

The Office of Emergency Services (OES) engages the whole community in assessing needs and developing strategies to achieve stronger preparedness, prevention, response, and mitigation capabilities within the Santa Clara County Operational Area. 
Office of Emergency Services
Dana Reed, Director

David Flamm, Deputy Director

Irma Puentes, Executive Assistant​​
Grants Administration
The OES Grants Management Team invests more than $6 million in annual grant funds to help build resilience within the Santa Clara County Operational Area’s communities.
Michelle Sandoval, Program Manager II – Grants and Administrative Services

Karla Espartero Smith, Associate Management Analyst

Van Nguyen, Accountant II

Ivan Williams, Senior Management Analyst
Multidisciplinary All Hazards Task Force
The Multidisciplinary All Hazards Task Force works to prevent and reduce the risk of domestic terrorist events through special projects and training exercises.

Douglas Young, Battalion Chief and All Hazards Coordinator​
Community Emergency Response Team (CERT)
OES offers Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) academies, which train residents to prepare for and respond to life-threatening events impacting their community.
Jeff Walker, Program Specialist II - CERT
Emergency Management Planning
The OES planning team is responsible for the Operational Area’s Emergency Operations Plan, an incident management protocol with supporting hazard and function specific annexes.​
Vladimir Ibarra, Senior Emergency Planning Coordinator
Louay Toma, Program Specialist II – Emergency Management​
Crisis Communications Public Information
OES continually conducts outreach and education to promote family and community disaster preparedness and works with the news media on crisis communications during disasters.​​ 

Patty Eaton, Public Risk Communication Officer​​
Training and Exercise
OES offers a robust training program composed of emergency management courses, drills, functional and table top exercises for County staff and jurisdictions within the Santa Clara County Operational Area.​

Darrell Ray, Senior Emergency Management Specialist
Deborah Hinton, Management Analyst​ 
Emergency Operations Center Operational Readiness
OES maintains operational readiness of emergency communications systems, equipment and protocols for the Operational Area’s Emergency Operations Center.

A Duty Officer is available 24/7 to monitor conditions, potential hazards and incidents.​

Jay McAmis, Senior Emergency Planning Coordinator

Greg O’Bergin, IT Planner/Architect – First Responders/Emergency Management
Joe Guzzardi, Program Specialist II – Emergency Management

Tammy Norem, Emergency Planning Coordinator

Joe Riccio, Software Engineer III​
Emergency Operations Center
OES maintains a 5,000 square foot EOC that serves as the hub for emergency management activities during disasters.

During an activation, up to 150 personnel from the Operational Area serve in functional units: Management, Finance and Administration, Operations, Logistics, and Planning/Intelligence​.

Santa Clara County Emergency Operational Area Council (EAOC)
The EOAC leads the Operational Area’s ongoing efforts to provide an effective, streamlined approach to disaster preparedness and planning. The EOAC has thirteen members, including seven elected officials from the County Board of Supervisors, Santa Clara Valley Water District and cities within the Operational Area, as well as six executives from public sector organizations​.

Supervisor Mike Wasserman 
Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors

Chief William Kelly 
City of Santa Clara 
Fire Chief’s Association Representative 
Vice Chairperson

Garry Herceg
Deputy County Executive 
County Executive Designee 

Director John Varela 
Santa Clara Valley Water District 

Mayor Rob Rennie 
Los Gatos Town Council 
South County & West Valley Cities Representative 

Councilmember Lydia Kou 
Palo Alto City Council 
North County Cities Representative 

Councilmember Debi Davis 
Santa Clara City Council 
Central County Cities Representative 

Councilmember Johnny Khamis 
San Jose City Council Representative 

Councilmember Donald Rocha 
San Jose City Council Representative 

Dr. Sara Cody 
County of Santa Clara Health Officer 

Christina Turner
Morgan Hill City Manager 
City Manager’s Association Representative 

Chief Michael Sellers 
City of Santa Clara 
Police Chief’s Association Representative 

Inez Evans
Chief Operating Officer 
Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority 

Jennifer Ponce
President and Representative 
Emergency Managers Association​
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