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Victim Offender Mediation Program

Published on: 2/13/2017 5:22 PM
The Victim Offender Mediation Program (VOMP) allows juvenile offenders and their victims to meet in a safe and structured setting under the guidance of neutral mediators. The goal is to provide both with the support to address what happened, its impact, and how the damage can best be healed or repaired. Mediators help the victim get answers to his/her questions and, if appropriate, create an agreement regarding restitution and other issues. Mediators help the offender acknowledge his/her responsibility and have a voice in how to make things as right as possible. The program is based on the principles of Restorative Justice, taking into consideration everyone affected by the crime, including the victim, offender, and the community.
VOMP is a collaborative effort of the county’s Office of Human Relations, Juvenile Court, Probation Department, Office of the District Attorney, Offices of the Public, Alternate and Independent Defenders and defense bar.  Any of these offices may refer minors. Victims, victim advocates, schools, or interested community members are also welcome to make referrals.
If you have been referred to the Victim Offender Mediation Program, or if you are interested in using our services, please contact us at 408-993-4127.
Si necesitas alguen que habla espanol por favor DE llamar a: (408) 993-4116