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As part of the Santa Clara County immigrant integration model, a special focus has been placed on immigrant issues, trends, contributions to the society, and leadership in diverse communities. Below are some examples of that work:

For local events check out Community calendar

OIR Annual Events

  • Beacon of Light Awards
  • Educational Forums
  • Citizenship Days
  • National Welcoming Week
  • Immigrant Heritage Month
  • Welcoming Week Celebration in Santa Clara County

    Under the umbrella of Welcoming America, numerous municipalities and community based organizations across the country are celebrating National Welcoming Week. Numerous entities across the United States and other parts of the world have recognized that immigrants and refugees make communities stronger economically, socially, and culturally.

    Santa Clara County joined more than 80 communities across the United States to celebrate National Welcoming Week for the first time in 2016. Office of Immigrant Relations hosts a number of local welcoming activities, including colorful displays containing resources and information, library events, immigrant and refugee film screenings.

  • Past Events

    • To learn about the local impact of immigrants attend

      Beacon of Light Awards

      To honor and celebrate immigrant contributions in Santa Clara County, OIR organizes an annual event with Beacon of Light Awards presented to local immigrants and organizations. These events showcase exciting cultural and artistic programs.

      Beacon of Light Awards

      • Beacon of Light Awards 2016
      • Beacon of Light Awards 2015
      • Beacon of Light Awards 2014
    • ​To​ learn about a variety of issues related to immigrants, immigration laws & policies attend

      Educational Forums

      Covering a wide scope of issues (Past example: Oaxacan community forum)
    • ​If you need citizenship application services:

      Free Citizenship Days

      are organized annually in 14 languages


  • Immigration at a Crossroads

    Event was held on February 11, 2015. Below is the program and main documents presented at the event:
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