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Legislative Files

The Board of Supervisors is the governing body of the County of Santa Clara. The Board consists of five members, each representing a Santa Clara County district. 

The powers and duties of the Board center on setting the quality and direction of the activities of  for the enhancement of human and physical resources of the County. The Board does so in a number of ways such as approving the annual budget, determining the County's policies and priorities, appointing key leadership positions, adopting an administrative code  prescribing the procedures and rules of operation of all departments and officers of the county. All effective decisions made by the Board must be done in a publicly noticed meeting with all materials and supporting documents made available to members of the public. 

For more information:
Board of Supervisors Policy Manual
County of Santa Clara Ordinance Code   

The following links direct you to public meetings and the legislative files containing recommendations, information and Board decisions that created and continue to shape the Office of Labor Standards Enforcement. 

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