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Santa Clara County Wage Theft Report

Planned Publications 

  • OLSE Dashboard

Data dashboards provide reporting by aggregating and extracting value from all collected data to provide easy to understand key performance indicators. The value provided by dashboards is in the organization of complex information into visual data representations providing an accurate reflection of performance to facilitate informed decision making, investments and planning. 

In the future, OLSE plans to generate periodic performance dashboards that will be publicly available on OLSE’s website.

  • OLSE Annual Report

OLSE will publish an annual report on its enforcement activities, programming, and engagement with workers and businesses. The comprehensive report will provide an inventory of OLSE operations in addition to a year-end analysis of data points and output collected throughout the year. The first Annual Report is tentatively planned for release on Labor Day 2020.

  • Santa Clara County Wage Theft Report

The County of Santa Clara Office of Women’s Policy supported development and publication of the “Santa Clara County Wage Theft Report” in 2015. The report was a one-time initiative. However, organizations continue to use the data and analysis presented in the report to develop policy and programming addressing wage theft. OLSE will support ongoing development of similar data, analyses, and reports as part of its regular programming, with a particular and expanded analysis of the status of vulnerable worker populations. ​​

Last updated: 9/12/2019 5:09 PM