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Leading difficult conversations and resolving conflict for County of Santa Clara employees, departments, agencies and community members since 1977. 

What we do for you: 

We Listen –  By hearing all concerns with thoughtful attention in order to gain insight into the underlying needs of all parties. 

We Convene – By bringing the necessary people together to discuss perspectives. 

We Consult – By drawing upon our extensive experience as career professional neutrals, OMOS will assist you with understanding the conflict dynamics, gathering decision-making information, and identifying options for durable solutions. 

We Customize – By tailoring our full spectrum of services, OMOS will work with you to meet your unique needs. ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Consult with our established Conflict Resolution Programs for no-cost help.  

 Adult Custody Organizational Ombuds (ACOO) 

  • Listening to different perspectives on what happens in County jails, providing a safe place to discuss concerns confidentially, and exploring constructive, next-step options with custodial officers, people housed in County jails, and others to help improve the experience for everyone.
  • Clarifying underlying needs and goals, pinpointing obstacles, and introducing options to help work through difficulties and bring people together.

Children, Families, Seniors Conflict Resolution Program 

  • Family meetings about care and housing of aging parents. 
  • Family relationships and behavior plans. 
  • Conservatorships 
  • Trusts and Estates 

County Mediation and Conciliation Programs 

For County employees, agencies, and departments: 

  • Relationship dynamics between work colleagues, managers and direct reports.
  • Communication breakdowns and disharmony within teams and groups, with liaisons, and with customers/clients. 

For County community members and residents: 

  • Business disputes: consumers, businesses, partnerships, products, goods, and services.
  • Neighborhood disputes: issues with pets, parking spaces, trees, fences, and property lines. 
  • Housing disputes: unlawful detainers, HOA's, landlord-tenants, roommates, and security deposits.
  • LGBTQ discrimination. 

Juvenile Welfare Organizational Ombuds (JWOO) 

  • Serving anyone with questions or concerns related to the Juvenile Dependency Court or Department of Family and Children's Services.  

Pre-day-of-court Mediation Program 

  • Small Claims 
  • Civil Harassment 
  • Probate 
  • Superior Court Limited Jurisdiction, In Pro Persona matters.  

Restorative Justice Mediation and Conciliation Program 

  •  Victim-Offender (VOM) 
  •  Parent-Youth 
  •  Juvenile Justice and DA referrals   

Engage our neutral services, customized to your individual/group needs.

Conflict Coaching 

  • Receive personalized assistance and recommendations for improving your communication and for shifting your unconstructive conflict responses  to more efficient and productive interactions. 
  • Provide leaders with a forum to consider, plan, and strategize with a neutral, confidential  sounding board. 

Conflict Resolution and Communication Skills Training 

  • Learn tools and techniques for de-escalating conflict. 
  • Develop and improve skills, positive listening techniques. 

Consensus Building Workshops 

  • Help your group come to consensus, reach decisions, and be prepared to take action. 

Group / Department Facilitations 

  • Facilitation of team meetings and discussions. 
  • Share ideas, brainstorm, address challenging group dynamics, change perceptions, identify problems, and propose solutions. 
  • Develop plans for organizational change. 

Mediation (face-to-face) and Conciliation (phone-assisted resolution) Services 

  • Voluntary 
  • Neutral 
  • Confidential 

Organizational Ombuds Programs 

  • Aligned with the International Ombudsman Association's (IOA) Standards of Practice of Independence, Neutrality, Confidentiality, and Informality. 

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