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County to Host Parent Forum on Impact of Cuts to CalWORKs and Child Care Programs

Legislators to Update Residents, Hear Concerns on State Budget Proposals

As a member of the Child Care Consortium, the Santa Clara County Social Services Agency is inviting child care providers and clients to a Parent Forum. This event provides residents the opportunity to learn from legislators about State budget proposals and helps legislators gather testimonies from their constituents before they have to make decisions.

Santa Clara County Social Services Agency
California State Assembly Member Joe Coto
, 23 Assembly District
California State Assembly Member Jim Beall Jr., 24 Assembly District
Community Child Care of Santa Clara County Inc.
Choices for Children
The Professional Association for Childhood Education Alternative Payment Program (PACEAPP)
Child Care Providers and clients
Santa Clara County Residents

Thursday, June 24, 2010, 6:00 p.m.-8:00p.m.

Social Services Agency Auditorium, 333 West Julian Street, San Jose, CA 95110

This forum offers State legislators the opportunity to share an update on the financial challenges California faces and listen to the testimonies of residents who will be directly impacted by their decisions.

Facing a $77.5 billion deficit, the Governor of California is proposing cuts that will have a devastating impact on California families. Proposed solutions include the elimination of CalWORK’s and child care services. Such cuts could force parents to leave their jobs to take care of their children. Cuts disproportionately affect women and children, as two thirds of CalWORKs 1.4 million recipients are women.

In Santa Clara County nearly 16,000 families currently receive public assistance. About 6,500 individuals are participating in the CalWORKs Employment Services Program. CalWORKs families receive education, job placement, along with support services such as childcare and transportation. All of these services help families to build and maintain lives on their own, outside the realm of public assistance.

Currently, over 10,266 families receive childcare through the CalWORKs program. Thousands of these families are new workers struggling to make ends meet with entry level jobs. These cuts will also impact thousands of childcare providers who may lose their homes and businesses if services are disrupted.

Media Contact: Gwendolyn Mitchell/Marina Hinestrosa, Office of Public Affairs, (408) 299-5119; Dana McQuary, Social Services Agency (408)491-6750
Posted: June 18, 2010