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County to Recognize Outstanding CalWORKs Clients and Supporters

21st Annual Client Achievement Awards Ceremony to Highlight Participants’ Resilience and Supporting Partners’ Commitment

The 21st Annual CalWORKs Client Achievement Awards ceremony will honor ten CalWORKs participants for attaining remarkable accomplishments in spite of significant challenges. Also, a local employer and three community partners will be praised for their commitment to the CalWORKs program.

County of Santa Clara Board of Supervisors
Santa Clara County Social Services Agency
CalWORKs Honorees:
Gary Abrahamson, Juanita Castillo, Marlo Ellis, Leonila Gomez, Robert Krueger, Tovie Lugo, Stefani Medland, YenHoung Nguyen, Neda Noori and Iran Reyes
Employer of the Year: Creative Security
Community Partners of the Year: Community Child Care Council of Santa Clara County (4Cs), Choices for Children and Professional Association for Childhood Education Alternative Payment Program

Tuesday, December 13, 2011, 11:30 a.m.

County of Santa Clara Board of Supervisors Chambers
70 West Hedding Street, San José

The 21st Annual CalWORKs Achievement Awards Ceremony honors the personal, educational and employment accomplishments toward self-sufficiency of selected participants. Individuals to be recognized achieve permanent full-time employment after developing relevant employment skills.

Currently, there are approximately 15,979 families on public assistance and 7,449 CalWORKs Employment Services clients. This past year the program’s Employment Connection placed 500 clients. CalWORKs families who are eligible to participate in CalWORKs Employment Services develop a plan for successful entrance into the work force. Members of these households may receive educational and vocational training, job placement, along with support services such as childcare, transportation, counseling and substance abuse prevention classes. All of these services help families build and maintain lives on their own, outside the realm of public assistance.

Media Contact: Gwen Mitchell/Marina Hinestrosa, Office of Public Affairs (408) 299-5119; Denise Boland, Social Services Agency (408) 491-6605 and 491-6600
Posted: December 9, 2011