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County of Santa Clara Partners with Legal Service Providers to Launch Citizenship Day on May 17, 2021

Event Will Be Marked with Month-Long Campaign to Help Eligible Immigrants Apply for U.S. Citizenship

SANTA CLARA COUNTY, CALIF.— Every year, a collaboration of government, community-based organizations, legal services providers, and community leaders come together to launch Citizenship Day to support over 1,000 immigrants to become naturalized citizens across Santa Clara County. Currently, there are over 100,000 Legal Permanent Residents (LPRs) in Santa Clara County that are eligible to become U.S. citizens, but have not yet applied.

Despite a world-wide pandemic, partners remain committed to providing legal services to our immigrant community through a FREE Citizenship orientation, consultation, application assistance, and study materials. Those who register, complete the self-screening process by May 16 and are deemed eligible, will receive a call from one of our partners starting Monday, May 17.

The services offered are safe and confidential. If you have doubts or concerns about whether you should apply for citizenship now, take advantage of this opportunity to get free, expert legal advice.

Free immigration services will be available in 14 languages. Services will be provided by immigration lawyers and accredited representatives, who will help determine if you are eligible to become a U.S. citizen. They will also assist you to complete your application. If you are eligible to apply for citizenship, you will be able to mail in your application by the time you leave the workshop.

The process can take several hours to complete, depending on the complexity of your case. The application fee is $725, but you may qualify for a fee waiver or discount. Bring proof of income to see if you are eligible for financial assistance.

To register online visit, click the “EVENTS” tab at the top of the page, and choose the “VIRTUAL CITIZENSHIP DAY 2021, SAN JOSE, CA” event in the language of your choice. If you prefer, you can also call the following lines:

English  408-444-9975             
Spanish  408-444-9975                  
Vietnamese  408-444-9975     
Amharic  408-634-3623           
Arabic  408-634-3802                
Cantonese  408-800-3081                   
Farsi  408-728-9942                   
Hindi  408-634-3553                    
Korean  408-634-2973                             
Mandarin  408-800-3081        
Portuguese  408-780-9867       
Punjabi  408-634-3553                   
Tagalog  408-753-0297              
Tigrinya  408-728-8731                   
Russian  408-782-4672 

“I am proud to lead the collaborative that has offered services to over 12,000 citizens in Santa Clara County,” said Mónica Limas, Director of the Immigration and Citizenship Program at the Center for Employment Training. “We know that, when someone becomes a U.S. citizen, they earn more, have access to safety net services, and become more civically engaged in the community.”

“I have been a part of Citizenship Day in one way or another for the past 12 years,” said the County of Santa Clara Office of Immigrant Relations Director, Zélica Rodríguez, who supported coordination, volunteered, and served as interpreter at these ever inspiring and life changing events. “Immigrants come to this country for a better life for their families, and becoming a citizen is a huge step in that direction.”

The workshop is a collaborative effort by the Center for Employment Training Immigration and Citizenship Program, Asian Law Alliance, Catholic Charities, PARS Equality Center, International Rescue Committee, Council on American-Islamic Relations, and the County of Santa Clara Office of Immigrant Relations. Financial partners include the County’s Office of Immigrant Relations, the City of San José Office of Immigrant Affairs, New Americans Campaign, and the Silicon Valley Community Foundation.


The County of Santa Clara government serves a diverse, multi-cultural population of 1.9 million residents in Santa Clara County, California, making it more populous than 14 states in the U.S. The County provides essential services to its residents, including public health protection, environmental stewardship, medical services through the County of Santa Clara Health System, child and adult protection services, homelessness prevention and solutions, roads, park services, libraries, emergency response to disasters, protection of minority communities and those under threat, access to a fair criminal justice system, and many other public benefits.

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Media Contact: María Leticia Gómez/Laurel Anderson, Office of Communications and Public Affairs, 408-299-5119,;  Zélica Rodríguez-Deams, Office of Immigrant Relations, 669-235-1452, zelica.rodriguez@ceo.sccgov.orgMónica Limas​, CET, Immigration and Citizenship Program, 408-205-0588

 Posted: April 30, 2021                                                                          



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