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County Advises Residents to Follow Precise Instructions to Register on 32075 for AlertSCC


SANTA CLARA COUNTY, CALIF. – The County of Santa Clara, City of San Jose, and local partners announced yesterday a new easy-to-use SMS text number to facilitate sign up for the regional mass notification system – AlertSCC. Residents need to know that they must text alertscc along with their street name and zip code to 32075 for the sign up to work. Example: alertscc Hedding St 95110

Typing the word alertscc directs the message to the correct database. Typing the street name and zip code will ensure that residents receive messages affecting their specific geographic area. One should not press the hard return key to create separate lines.

AlertSCC messages are sent to phone numbers within the geographic boundaries affected by the disaster or event. And while it will not be possible in all cases to give advance notice of disasters, registrants will be able to receive instructions about where to go and what to do to be safe. Messages will contain information such as where shelters are located in the event of an evacuation, where to get medical assistance and food, and areas to avoid because of street closures and downed bridges.

With the addition of the SMS feature, people now have two ways to sign up, by texting to 32075 or at At the web site they have the option of entering multiple numbers and their e-mail addresses to receive e-mail alerts. Signing up multiple numbers is a convenience that makes it possible to be alerted when disaster strikes in areas where an aging parent or young adult children live.

“If a person does not include the word alertscc, the system doesn’t know where to direct the information,” said Gwendolyn Mitchell, County spokesperson. “All one has to do is key in the word alertscc, street name and zip code.”

Media Contact: Gwendolyn Mitchell/Laurel Anderson, Office of Public Affairs, (408) 299-5119
Posted: March 15, 2011