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County Launches Electronic Permit Process for Special Events on County Roads

Apply for County Road Event Permits and Sign Up for Resident Notification Online

SANTA CLARA COUNTY, CALIF. – The County of Santa Clara has launched a new electronic process for obtaining special event permits to use County roads. Event organizers can now submit permit applications online. Residents can also subscribe online to receive e-mail notifications about events happening on the rural roads maintained by Santa Clara County. The County roads event website is:

In October 2010, the County of Santa Clara Board of Supervisors adopted an ordinance for special events on County roads. The ordinance provides a process for event organizers and the County to manage special events to reduce impacts on residents and to protect everyone’s safety.

“The new website is intended to streamline the permit application process, as well as enable residents to stay informed about events happening on County roads in their neighborhoods,” said Mike Murdter, County Roads and Airports Director.

Special events addressed in the ordinance include parades, street fairs, festivals, block parties, organized athletic or sporting events, and community celebrations. Depending on the types of activities, event holders will be required to obtain a special permit and pay a fee. For more information, go to:

About Ordinance for Special Events
The ordinance for special events is the result of a two-year effort during which County staff met with various stakeholders including the Valley Transportation Authority's Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee and San Antonio Valley residents to discuss safety issues and neighborhood concerns. Stakeholders’ concerns are addressed in the ordinance, including the Good Neighbor Standards that reflect residents’ needs in the area east of the Lick Observatory on Mt. Hamilton in the Diablo range, which is subject to numerous special events throughout the year.

Media Contact: Gwendolyn Mitchell/Lingxia Meng, Office of Public Affairs (408) 299-5119; Dan Collen, County of Santa Clara Roads and Airports (408) 573-2492
Posted: March 24, 2011