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County of Santa Clara Recognizes New Master Composter Volunteers

Noel & Franci Card named recipients of the Master Composter of the Year award

SANTA CLARA COUNTY, CALIF. - The County of Santa Clara Home Composting Education Program graduated its sixteenth class of Master Composter volunteers in a ceremony held at the County Service Center at Berger Drive in San Jose last night as 25 new Master Composters were honored. Since 1995, 352 Master Composters have been certified.

“Home composting is a vital tool to reduce the amount of material that is sent to local landfills,” said Dave Cortese, President of the Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors and a home composter himself. “These Master Composter Volunteers provide valuable outreach and educational information to the residents of Santa Clara County on the importance of home composting. Without their help, the County would face an even more difficult challenge in meeting its Zero Waste Goal.”

The Class of 2011 has completed a nine-week training session in compost science, soil health and natural gardening techniques. The Class of 2011 also took a tour to Z-Best, a local commercial composting facility, and the SMART station in Sunnyvale. Each of the new Master Composters will volunteer a minimum of 50 hours to the Home Composting Education Program in the year after their graduation. Master Composters fulfill their volunteer hours in a variety of ways, including classroom presentations and demonstrations on worm composting , teaching composting classes, and staffing informational booths at community events.

Noel and Franci Card were honored as joint recipients of the 2010 Master Composter of the Year award. The Cards have volunteered 127 hours in 2010 and over 930 hours combined since their graduation from the Master Composter Program in 2005. They have worked many events, including the Wildlife Education Day Festival in Cupertino and the Prusch Park Harvest Festival in San Jose. Both Noel and Franci have been especially helpful in assisting at a number of Saturday workshop classes teaching others to compost.

Nearly 35% of what County of Santa Clara residents throw in the garbage or leave at the curb can easily be composted at home. Backyard and worm composting is a major element in each city’s efforts to meet state and local waste reduction goals.

For more information on composting, low cost compost and worm bins, Bay-Friendly gardening classes, and the Master Composter program, call the County of Santa Clara Rotline at 408-918-4640, or visit

Media Contact: Zachary DeVine, Home Composting Education Program, County of Santa Clara (408) 282-3186
Posted: March 10, 2011