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Feeding With Love & Good Sense II Video Premier

Childhood Feeding Collaborative to premier new parent education video to encourage healthy eating among children

SANTA CLARA COUNTY, CALIF.– The Childhood Feeding Collaborative of Santa Clara County is premiering a new parent education video entitled Feeding with Love & Good Sense II on June 7, 2011. This new video, which features Santa Clara County families, will be used nationwide to help parents, health care providers and others learn how to successfully teach children a critical life skill ─ the skill of healthy eating.

When: Tuesday, June 7th from 4:30pm to 5:30pm
Where: Sobrato Center for Non-profits, Cupertino Rooms A and B,
1400 Parkmoor Avenue, San Jose, Ca 95126
Visuals: Video Premier of Feeding With Love & Good Sense II
Speakers: County Board of Supervisor Liz Kniss, Dan Peddycord, Public Health Director, and Dan Delgado, MD, Santa Clara Valley Medical Center

The Feeding with Love & Good Sense II video series provide answers to questions and concerns expressed by many parents in regards to picky eaters, under-eaters, over-eaters, or meal-time tantrums and other challenging meal-time behaviors of their young children. The series presents evidence-based solutions based on the Division of Responsibility, a best-practice childhood feeding model. This model identifies the roles and responsibilities of both the parent and the child toward the development of healthy feeding and eating practices. The key message is that parents are responsible for what food is served, as well as when and where it is served. The child is responsible for how much they eat and whether or not they eat. This model teaches parents and health care providers that healthy eating is a learned skill that requires practice to develop healthy habits.

Feeding with Love & Good Sense II is based on a best practice feeding model for children. It is a real honor that Santa Clara County was chosen to develop this important video series, and speaks to the great work taking place in Santa Clara County to address both childhood and adult obesity,” said Dan Peddycord, Public Health Director, Santa Clara County Public Health Department.

In addition to Dan Peddycord, key presenters at the event will include Supervisor Liz Kniss, a long-time champion for children’s health, Dan Delgado, M.D., a San Jose pediatrician specializing in childhood obesity, Childhood Feeding Collaborative lead Carol Danaher and a number of Santa Clara County parents who are featured in the video series.

Unfortunately, most parents and many health care providers are not aware of this best-practice childhood feeding model. As a result, approximately 85% of parents encourage their children to overeat. Also, nearly a quarter of all parents give up trying to get their child to eat certain foods after the child’s first or second refusal, not knowing that it may take up to twenty attempts for a child to learn to eat certain foods.

The information contained in the Feeding with Love & Good Sense II video series is of critical importance since children’s eating preferences are developed and established during their first five years of life. The goal of the Childhood Feeding Collaborative is to work with as many parents and health care providers as possible to enable parents to coach and support their children as early as possible in the development of healthy eating habits and behaviors.

For more information regarding the Childhood Feeding Collaborative, and the Feeding with Love & Good Sense II video series, please contact Carol Danaher at (408) 793- 2708 or

Media Contact: Marta Lugo, Santa Clara County Public Health Department 408.792.5107
Posted: June 3, 2011