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Frequently Asked Questions


What types of notifications will I receive, and where will I receive them?
The AlertSCC emergency notification system may be used for a variety of notifications related to earthquakes, fires, crime incidents, hazardous material incidents, and infectious disease information. AlertSCC will send messages to phone numbers included in the emergency 911 database, 411 telephone directory database, and any other phone numbers. AlertSCC will also send text messages to e-mail and SMS addresses registered at

Is any of my contact information already in the AlertSCC system database?
AlertSCC uses information from the emergency 911 and 411 databases to send phone messages, so your landline home or business phone number should already be included. However, the only cell phone numbers and e-mail addresses that are included are those that people register at To be safe, it is recommended that you register all your phone numbers - home and cell - and all your e-mail and SMS addresses.

What if I change my phone number or e-mail address?
Update your contact information in AlertSCC so you can receive information and instructions in the event of an emergency.

If I have provided more than one phone number, what number will be called?
In extreme emergencies, AlertSCC will try to contact you at all your phone numbers and contact points, whether provided by you or by the 911 and 411 databases. In less severe emergencies, AlertSCC will call the number provided by the 411 database and the number you indicate as your primary phone number when you register.
What precautions are taken to protect personal contact information?
Policy and contract agreements prohibit AlertSCC personal contact information from being shared, sold, traded, leased or loaned to outside parties. Personal contact information used by AlertSCC is secured physically and electronically.

Does AlertSCC replace other emergency notification systems?
No. AlertSCC will supplement the region’s existing emergency communication methods, thus augmenting public safety and first responder services. It will not take the place of the 911 and other communication and notification systems, such as radio systems, that police, fire and other emergency personnel currently use. Television, radio and County/city web sites will continue to broadcast important announcements as well. If your city already has a mass notification system, it will be maintained until it is transitioned into AlertSCC.

Will AlertSCC call numbers outside of Santa Clara County area codes?
Yes, but only if you register a phone number outside the County with AlertSCC.

Will AlertSCC work if I have a call screening /blocking system on my phone?
In general, the system has been found to work with these devices. However, there are several varieties of call screening devices which use differing protocols for screening, so some may require pre-programming to allow the County’s or city’s telephone number to pass through.

How does AlertSCC respond if a line is busy or unanswered?
If a line is busy or unanswered, AlertSCC will try to call again. If the call does not go through after three attempts, the system will stop attempting to deliver the message. If the phone is answered by a voicemail or answering machine, the message will be left on the answering device.

Is there a way to replay AlertSCC messages?
If you answer the AlertSCC call, you can follow the instructions at the end of the message to hear a replay. If you do not answer the AlertSCC call when it occurs, you may dial 1-877-REPLAY-1 (1-877-737-5291) from the phone that was called and listen to any message that was sent to that phone number.

Who can I contact for more information?
Contact the Santa Clara County Office of Emergency Services by phone at (408) 808-7871 or by email at