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"Pull to the Right for Sirens and Lights" Campaign Officially Kicks Off

Santa Clara County, CA.-- Today the Santa Clara County EMS Agency released the Public Service Announcement (PSA) “Pull to the Right for Sirens and Lights”. Throughout the month of November, first responders throughout the county will be taking part in the safety campaign, which is supported by the Santa Clara County EMS System, Santa Clara County Fire Chiefs’ Association, Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Office, and the Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors.
Each day in Santa Clara County, emergency lights and sirens are used more than 500 times. Emergency crews and the patients needing their services rely on the use of emergency lights and sirens to access patients quickly.
“When ambulances travel using red lights and sirens, they are either responding to a medical emergency or transporting a patient in critical condition,” said Michael Petrie, EMS Director. “Pulling to the right so that the ambulance can safely pass allows the patient to get to the hospital quicker, improving their chances of survival.”
Law Enforcement, Fire and EMS all use lights and sirens when responding to life threatening emergencies. When pulling to the right and coming to a complete stop so the emergency vehicle can pass, it is important to remain alert.
“When handling an emergency, often more than one emergency vehicle is responding,” said Deputy Chief Steve Prziborowski with the Santa Clara County Fire Department. “Drivers should remain aware even after the emergency vehicle has passed, as law enforcement, fire department, or EMS may also be using lights and siren to get to the same scene.”
The goal of the “Pull to the Right for Sirens and Lights” safety campaign is to raise awareness of the importance of pulling to the right when emergency vehicles approach with sirens and lights. By doing so and allowing emergency vehicles to pass, drivers are helping first responders save a life.
“These videos will be extremely helpful in keeping Santa Clara County residents safe,” said Ken Yeager, President of the Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors. “It is so important that people know exactly what to do when they encounter an emergency vehicle with lights and siren, which is to pull to the right. That simple action can save a life.”
To view the Public Service Announcement, please visit: or
Media Contact: Amy Cornell, Health Information Officer, Santa Clara County Emergency Medical Services Agency 408.792.5155 / Amy Cornell
Last updated: 6/22/2017 12:58 PM