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Santa Clara County Public Health Department Offers Tips to Stay Safe during Heat Wave

Santa Clara County, CALIF. - High temperatures are expected in Santa Clara County all week, with excessive heat through Wednesday afternoon. Temperatures will vary within the county, with the Southern parts of the county seeing the highest temperatures, which may reach 100-105 or more in some places.
Because of unusually higher humidity, the heat index will be higher; a higher heat index causes even high temperatures to be more uncomfortable and dangerous.
Night time temperatures will remain hotter than usual, so we can't count on the relief from the heat that we usually expect. Also, areas at higher elevations may be exceptionally warm at night. Because the temperatures will not be cooling down at night in some locations, houses will retain their heat, which can increase the risk for dehydration, heat exhaustion, and heat stroke. Power outages are also a risk during this heat emergency.
To stay safe and healthy, the Public Health Department advises:
* Stay out of the sun during the day.
* Refrain from usual physical exercise and excessive activity until it cools down.
* Drink water constantly; limit alcohol intake.
* Take cool showers.
* Visit malls or movies during the day to take advantage of the air conditioning.
* At night, open windows to improve circulation or go outside once the sun goes down if the house is hot.
* Keep pets out of the sun, and provide them with plenty of water.
* Do not leave people or pets alone in cars.
* Look in on seniors and frail elderly and others with chronic medical conditions.
* Check your city for availability of cooling centers.
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Media Contact: Amy Cornell, Public Health Department, 408-792-5155

Posted: July 1, 2013