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Updates Regarding County Services During Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)

The public health officers of Alameda, Contra Costa, Marin, San Francisco, San Mateo, and Santa Clara counties, with the City of Berkeley, announced a legal order directing their respective residents to shelter at home for three weeks starting March 17. The order limited activity, travel and business functions to only the most essential needs. On March 31, Health Officers extended this previous stay-at-home order through May 3, 2020, in order to preserve critical hospital capacity across the region. It also limited more activities.​

During this time, the County of Santa Clara is closing all non-essential services to the public to help slow the spread of COVID-19. Most in-person services have been suspended and customers are asked to conduct business via phone or online channels. (Scroll down to see more details for each department.)

Essential services are defined as those necessary to protect the health, safety and welfare of the community. All Santa Clara County hospitals and health clinics continue to remain open. Services provided by law enforcement and first-responders will continue, and many departments will operate with modified services to minimize in-person contacts. 

This website will be regularly updated as new information become available.

For the latest guidance and information on COVID-19, please visit

Cancelled Meeti​ng​​s and Events​

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​The following cancellation list for County events is not exhaustive. Please check directly with meeting or event organizers if you have specific questions.​
County Cancelled Meetings and Events
  • Saturday, April 4: Citizenship Day 2020
  • Saturday, April 4: Behavioral Health Board - System Planning and Fiscal Committee
  • Saturday, April 4: Commercially Sexually Exploited Children (CSEC) Annual Conference
  • Saturday, April 4: GreenWaste District South – Sig Sanchez Government Center, 80 Highland Ave. San Martin (Supervisorial District 1)
  • All events, classes and programs with Santa Clara County Parks have been cancelled through April 7.
Department-Specific Information and Operational Updates 


The Assessor's Office at 70 West Hedding will offer very limited service until further notice. A limited number of employees will remain available to answer questions via email or by phone (408) 299-5500. 

We urge residents to seek answers to common questions on the Assessor’s website​. During this period, we ask for your patience and understanding with any delayed response. ​​​​


The Behavioral Health Services Department ​(BHSD) is staffed with essential employees who are responding to calls to the following hotlines and call centers:

Mental Health Services Call Center

The Call Center will continue operating 24-hours, 7 days per week: 1-800-704-0900. The Center will make referrals to available community services.

If you speak another language, language assistance services, free of charge, are available to you. Call 1-800-704-0900 (TTY: 1-800.855.7100 or 711).

Suicide and Crisis Hotline

The Suicide & Crisis Hotline continues to operate 24-hours, 7 days a week: 1-855-278-4204

Crisis Text Line

The Crisis Text Line continues to be available and provides free, text-based, confidential assistance to people in need in Santa Clara County. To receive text-based support from trained Crisis Text Line counselors, Santa Clara County residents can text RENEW to 741741.

Substance Use Services Call Center

Substance Use Services Call Center (formerly Gateway Call Center) operations will continue Monday through Friday, from 8 AM to 5 PM, Ph: 1-800-488-9919. Callers will be referred to Detoxification and Residential Treatment services and to an available community out-patient program. After hours calls requesting Detoxification or Residential services will be forwarded and handled through the Residential Provider Network allowing for continued placement 24/7.

Uplift Family Services' Mobile Crisis Team

The Uplift Family Services' Mobile Crisis Team provides 24-hour intervention to children and teens in the community who are in acute psychological crisis. To access the 4-hour/7 days a week crisis line call 1-408-379-9085 or call toll-free 1-877-41-CRISIS (412-7474).

Mobile Crisis Response Teams (MCRTs)

The Mobile Crisis Response Teams continues to screen and assess crisis situations over the phone, and when needed deliver crisis intervention services at locations throughout the county. Call the Mobile Crisis Response Team at 1-800-704-0900, Monday through Friday, from 8 AM to 8 PM; select option #2 to request a Mobile Crisis Response Team member. If you experience a mental health crisis outside those hours, call 1-800-704-0900. A clinician is available 24 hours, 7 days per week to assess the situation and connect you to appropriate services.

Mental Health Urgent Care

Anyone with urgent psychiatric or medication needs should go to the Mental Health Urgent Care Center, a walk-in outpatient clinic for Santa Clara County residents who are experiencing behavioral health crisis and need help. The Mental Health Urgent Care Center is open from 8 AM to 10 PM daily and is located at 871 Enborg Court, Unit 100, San Jose.

Please note: Routine and non-urgent services and appointments are being replaced by telephone visits when possible.

Also, visit the BHSD website to access information about Coping with Stress During Infectious Disease Outbreaks available in English, Spanish, Chinese, Tagalog, and Farsi.​


Meetings of Board Policy Committees and Advisory Boards and Commissions may be cancelled on a case-by-case basis, upon consultation with the applicable Commission Chairperson and supporting County departments. Cancellation notices will be posted on the agenda portal and at 70 W. Hedding Street, and will be sent to Commissioners and interested parties. 

For meetings of the Board of Supervisors or Board Policy Committees that are held in Board Chambers, the County’s online streaming options include our agenda portal or our YouTube stream.


The Department of Child Support Services​ has closed its lobby effective March 17, 2020. Please call 866-901-3212 for assistance with child support cases. Services are limited at this time. Customers can also communicate with the department electronically via CUSTOMER CONNECT.

Child support payments continue to be accepted online.​​



In light of recent developments, including new guidance from the Governor of the State of California as well as a new Order from our Public Health Department, the Clerk-Recorder's Office will not be able to provide services for walk-in customers from March 16, 2020, until further notice.

We have a drop box located in front of the Clerk-Recorder’s Office. Please ensure that your dropped off packet is securely packaged in an envelope/mailing box. Also, please be sure to enclose a check. Visit our website listed below for our fee schedule. If unsure of the amount, state a not-to-exceed amount (NTE $) in the memo. Once the drop off request has been processed, the completed requests will be returned by mail.

• Real Estate - There will be no real estate recording accepted for walk-in customers. We will process documents sent through the mail and received through our drop box inside the County Government Center at 70 W. Hedding Street, East Wing, near the entrance of the Clerk-Recorder Office. Please note that all real estate recording drop-offs will be processed and mailed out within 6 and 8 weeks.

• Grantor/Grantee Index – While there are no walk-in customers allowed to use the public research area, the Clerk-Recorder’s Office can send out a .csv file through email that contains all of the recordings for the day. These files will include: date, document number, grantor/grantee, document title(s), and transfer tax paid. To receive these emails, please submit a request to with the subject line of “Request for Recorded Documents Report” in order to be reviewed and added to our email list.

• Passport Applications – Passport applications will not be accepted or processed.

• Birth, Death, and Marriage Records Requests - Requests for vital records (birth, death, and marriage records) submitted online through the Vitalchek service, as well as requests received through the mail and our drop box will be processed. A completed sworn statement in addition to a notary acknowledgment is required. Completed requests will be sent through the US mail within 4 to 6 weeks.

• Business Filings, Official Record Purchases - Business filings and official records (purchase of copies) submitted through the mail or the drop box will be processed. Completed requests will be sent through the US mail within 4 to 6 weeks.

• Marriage Licenses that have been issued and ready for recording will be accepted through the mail or the drop box.

• Notary Oaths and Filing – We accept filings sent through the mail or our drop box. An e-mail can also be sent to the Indicate in the subject line, “Notary Oaths.” Please include the phone number where you can be reached during the day.

• General Phone Calls and Emails - Phone calls, voicemails and emails may be answered based on availability of staff.

• CEQA Posting per Public Resources Code section 21152(c) - To view the complete document, please check the Clerk-Recorder’s Office website.

If you have an urgent matter that is not a listed service, please contact our help desk at (408) 299-5688.

For updates and additional information, please visit the Office of the Clerk Recorder website.​​​


Animal Services | San Martin Animal Shelter

The Animal Shelter continues to operate regular hours but will be closed to volunteers, those wanting to license their pets and will not be accepting/picking up healthy stray cats. Only stray dog pickup and critical public/animal health and safety issues will be responded to by Animal Control Officers at this time.

Department of Environmental Health

The Department of Environmental Health will continue to receive phone calls and emails, but is closed to walk-in clients. Only critical and significant issues will be responded to at this time.

Recycling and Waste Reduction Division

Garbage and recycling collection services for unincorporated areas of the county are currently not effected. Household Hazardous Waste drop off events and Community cleanups are suspended.

Vector Control District

The Vector Control District will continue to receive phone calls and emails, but is closed to walk-in clients. Only critical service issues, such as mosquito control, will be responded to at this time. 

Weights & Measures

Weights and Measures will continue to receive phone and email inquiries but is closed to walk-in clients. 

Division of Agriculture

Agriculture will continue to receive phone and email inquiries but is closed to walk-in clients. 

For more information, visit the Consumer & Environmental Protection Agency website​.​​​​​


The Controller-Treasurer Department​ is primarily a central service organization providing the backbone accounting and financial support to the operations of the departments providing direct client services. Therefore, most activities need to be retained at some level, likely reduced, to support ongoing operations Countywide. To that end, in the event of significant staffing shortages related to COVID-19, efforts will be prioritized to ensure the following essential services are retained: 

  • Payroll Unit
  • Claims Unit
  • Investment Unit
  • Debt Unit

Additional prioritized focus will be on ensuring critical aspects of the following units are supported:

  • Property Tax Unit
  • Cost Management Unit

The following functions classified as Non-Essential have impacted service levels with key duties performed primarily on a telework basis:

  • General Accounting Unit
  • Tax Roll Control
  • Internal Auditing Division
  • Administration Unit

Other related customer service impacts include the following:

  • Taxpayer face-to-face contact regarding property tax roll corrections is suspended in place of telephonic and email communication.
  • The department’s reception desk is closed.
  • All essential meetings will be required to be conducted remotely (teleconference, Skype)
  • Face-to-face interviews by Internal Audit staff, and any others performing analysis, is suspended.
In order to protect the health of inmates and staff, all visitation has been suspended. We understand that visitations are important to both those incarcerated and their loved-ones; however, this step is necessary in order to limit the spread of COVID-19. Social visits will be reestablished as soon as it’s safe to do so.

  • As the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak continues to accelerate in Santa Clara County, the County is implementing aggressive measures to prevent its spread in the County jails and juvenile facilities and to protect incarcerated youth and adults. 

  • The County of Santa Clara Health System’s Adult Custody Health Services is the health care provider to the County jails and juvenile facilities.  Healthcare staff has collaborated with the Public Health Department and, like other County healthcare providers, follows evolving best practices for COVID-19 prevention and containment. 

  • As a preventative COVID-19 measure, the Adult Custody Health Medical Director – in consultation with Public Health – recommended an immediate reduction to the adult jail population.  Since mid-March, the adult jail population has been reduced by over 400 inmates, consistent with public safety considerations, through proactive release and jail diversion efforts.  Continued efforts are underway to safely reduce the number of inmates in custody.  Custody Health staff, in collaboration with staff from the County’s Office of Reentry Services and Office of Supportive Housing, are working to link individuals leaving custody to healthcare needs and community services.  On March 20, the County established an interdepartmental team to focus specifically on working with Custody Health to complete or enhance assessments of those who are about to be released, stratify needs, assign and provide resources and services, provide temporary housing as needed, and work towards successful long-term outcomes following release.

  • On March 20, the Office of the Sheriff agreed to post the Reentry Resource Center’s modified schedule and phone number at various locations at the Elmwood Correctional Facility and forward the information to Sheriff’s Program staff.  As of March 23, the Office of Reentry Services (ORS) placed resource information in the lobbies at Elmwood Correctional Facility and the Main Jail, and is working on staffing up resource tables to connect individuals with services and resources upon release from custody.  In addition, ORS staff is following up with clients who call the Reentry Resource Center and linking those clients to services they seek, primarily information on how to obtain public benefits and access to primary health services.  

  • Custody Health staff has screened inmates for travel history to areas affected by COVID-19 since February 11.  As COVID-19 spread to Santa Clara County and involved community transmission, the County revised its screening criteria.  Beginning March 11, all inmates are pre-screened for COVID-19 symptoms before entering the jails and immediate isolation practices are implemented where necessary.  This screening practice allowed the County to identify and isolate the single COVID-19 positive individual currently in custody during the screening process, before the inmate was housed with any others currently in custody.

  • Beginning March 4, educational materials were posted throughout the jails advising staff, visitors, and inmates about COVID-19 prevention measures.  The materials also advise inmates to contact medical staff immediately if symptoms were noticed.  The County is providing ongoing education for custody and healthcare staff about COVID-19 prevention practices. 

  • Beginning March 18, the County began screening all Custody Health Services employees and contractors at the entrance prior to their regular shift to rule out any possible COVID-19 symptoms.  This screening has since expanded to cover all Custody and Probation employees.  As part of the screening, employees have their temperature checked, and are required to self-report if they have any specific symptoms. 

  • Essential in-house Custody Health services continue.  The medical sick call process continues twice a day.  Pill call is unaffected.  Inmates have continued daily access to nursing staff for healthcare needs 24 hours a day.  Essential mental health, medical, and non-routine dental care appointments are continuing.  Essential radiological services are still being provided.  Consistent with current practices in the medical community, non-urgent, non-emergent outside specialty clinics will be rescheduled.

  • Any inmate reporting symptoms consistent with COVID-19 will be immediately masked, isolated, and undergo further investigation.  Where appropriate, the inmate will be isolated pending influenza and/or COVID-19 testing.  If the inmate’s test is positive for COVID-19, the inmate will be treated using best practices for isolation and containment and will receive medical care from healthcare staff and the hospital as appropriate.

  • Medical privacy laws prevent the sharing of private medical information, which includes COVID-19 related information.  Accordingly, the County cannot share personal health information about inmates with friends and family.  Legal guardians of incarcerated minors are entitled to medical information. 

  • Consistent with practices throughout the County, Public Health is notified about all positive COVID-19 results.

​County 9-1-1 Communications​ is staffed with essential employees at both the 9-1-1 Center and the technical radio shop. There may be a delay in answering non-emergency calls but that would only be in the event of an uptick in the number of emergency calls.​


The Office of the County Counsel reception desk at 70 W. Hedding Street is not staffed, but is available for deliveries. Phone calls to the Office’s main line are answered during business hours (8:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. and 1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.). The Office of the County Counsel continues to provide legal advice and support to the County of Santa Clara Board of Supervisors and all County agencies and departments through staff working off-site, and a minimum number of on-site staff.​​


County Fire​ has suspended all station tours, public education presentations, touch-a-truck events, apparatus displays, auction dinners,​ fire safety talks, blood pressure screenings, and other public events until further notice.​

All eight libraries throughout the Santa Clara County Library District are closed and Bookmobile services suspended until further notice. SCCLD recommends patrons hold onto physical library materials on loan until the libraries reopen. No late fees will be assessed on materials returned when libraries reopen.

The following online library services are available for free through the website:

  • Community updates and critical information to the public
  • Ebooks, audiobooks
  • Streaming videos, movies, tv and music
  • Study resources including online tutors and homework help
  • eMagazines and news
  • Research resources
  • Online storytime for children and families
  • Free online library eCard registration for Santa Clara County residents

For more information, visit​.


The DA’s Office​ has worked with its justice system partners to take measures to reduce the number of people in jail and the number of in-person court hearings. 

Court deadlines for arraignments and trials are being extended, and discussions are ongoing regarding the possibility of conducting arraignments and other hearings through video conferencing. At this point, trials in progress will continue to conclusion. 

The Office will remain open to the public for general business and victim services, but in-person staffing has been significantly reduced.

The Division of Equity & Social Justice (DESJ) has taken number of precautionary measures to ensure the health and safety of our staff and residents. Such measures include placing on hold any activities, including meetings, workshops, or other face-to-face gatherings, and, to the extent possible, providing services remotely.

Please refer to the following contact list for any further information:

Division of Equity & Social Justice: Mike Gonzalez or

Office of Cultural Competency: Arcel Blume -

Office of Census 2020: Nick Kuwada -

Office of Gender Based Violence Prevention: Carla Collins -

Office of LGBTQ Affairs: Maribel Martinez -

Office of Immigrant Relations: Mike Gonzalez –

Office of Labor Standard Enforcement: Betty Duong -

Office of Women Policy: Protima Pandey -​​​


As an essential service, the Santa Clara County Emergency Medical Services​ (EMS) System will continue to respond to 9-1-1 calls for medical emergencies. We want to remind everyone that 9-1-1 use should be reserved for a medical emergency, especially one that requires immediate medical attention. ​


For the Employee Services Agency, in-person customer service will be discontinued until further notice, including one-on-one meetings, new employee orientations, and retiree medical enrollment sessions.

Written examinations for cadets have also been postponted until at least June 13. (Impacted candidates will be rescheduled when the new exam dates have been determined.) All other examinations are continuing while observing public health orders to limit size of groups, maintain social distancing and allowing flexibility in rescheduling exams.

Service will continue to be provided using SKYPE, phone, or email. The one exception will be for issuing ID badges to employees, which will continue to be done in-person for those who need their picture taken.

Please call or email the department’s or section’s assigned Human Resources Assistant with specific information as to the needs, question, or concerns. The Service Center or Human Resources Assistant will then contact you to discuss the issue or arrange a time for a SKYPE or phone meeting.​​​


Elective, non-urgent surgeries and other procedures are being cancelled and will be rescheduled when appropriate at all three public hospitals and clinics. Additionally, the following services may be reduced:

  • Routine and non-urgent appointments in primary care and specialty care clinics for both adults and children, to be replaced by telephone visits where possible;
  • Student education programs including those for medical, nursing, pharmacy, and ancillary (such as radiology and respiratory);
  • Non-core post-graduate training rotations;
  • Clean Slate Program for tattoo removal;
  • High Risk Infant Visitation Program, to be replaced by telephone follow-up where appropriate; Volunteer Programs;
  • Reduction of Pharmacy hours at some locations;
  • Administrative and support activities that do not directly impact critical services will also be reduced.

For updates on visitor policy, visit the Santa Clara Valley Medical Center website​.



For the safety of our employees and the community during the COVID-19 pandemic, the Office of the Medical Examiner-Coroner​ will remain open to the public during regular business hours: 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. To better assist you, please call the Medical Examiner-Coroner’s Office (408-793-1900) with your requests so we can process these more expeditiously either by phone or electronically. Please be mindful that the Medical Examiner-Coroner’s Office adheres to social distancing and the Public Health Officer’s directives. If you need to come to the Medical Examiner-Coroner’s Office, families are asked to designate one person to enter and conduct business with us to assure best practices are being followed and social distancing is maintained. Families are asked to designate one person to enter and conduct business with the Medical Examiner-Coroner as to assure best practices are being followed. ​


Parks and Recreation​ will keep areas open that are conducive to safe social distancing. However, all public gathering areas in County Parks are closed including: visitor centers, museums, velodrome, dog parks, Fields Sport Park, all campgrounds/campsites/group camp areas, group picnic areas. All special events, recreation and education programs are cancelled.

Minimized park crews will be maintaining and ensuring safety of park users in the open space and trail areas that remain open. Restrooms in key locations will be left open 24 hours.

For private events, reservations and Special Use Permits, the Department is suspending its cancellation policy. The public may cancel any events or reservations with a full refund.​​


The Department of Planning and Development will only be providing essential public services that are necessary to protect the health, safety, and welfare of our community. To facilitate these measures, all non-essential staff will be working remotely. 

If you need an emergency permit, please call (408) 299-5700 and your call or message will be addressed as soon as possible. For non-emergency inquiries, please fill out the Non-Emergency Inquiry form​. The non-emergency inquiry will be reviewed daily and will be responded to on a case-by-case basis. Please note: responses to non-emergency inquiries could be delayed.

For more information, visit the Department's website.​​​​​


Pretrial Services is operating with essential staff only and therefore, is only able to perform the following essential safety services:

  1. Jail Assessment Reports (JARS with criminal histories, which may be reduced to probable cause determinations only)
  2. Backgrounds for Family Court protective order decisions
  3. Pretrial release supervision, focusing on higher risk-higher needs

Other impacts:

  • Jail Assignment: criminal histories and reports only (not interviews) 
  • Family Court Services: backgrounds for protective orders only
  • Supervision: done by phone, but may be delayed 
  • Main Pretrial Office:
    • Phones: staffed, but calls are being prioritized based on nature of request and some callers may experience delays
    • Walk-ins: no in-person visits
    • Drug Testing: suspended 
  • Court Attendance: suspended
​​​​​For more information, visit the Office of Pretrial Services website​.

At Probation Department locations that are currently open, response time to phone calls and messages may take longer or may be delayed until after the shelter-in-place order expires, is rescinded or superseded on or before April 7, 2020.

Juvenile Probation Office
The lobby remains open during normal business hours with limited access to the Court building.

Juvenile Hall
840 Guadalupe Parkway
San Jose, CA 95131

Juvenile Hall operations continue. In-person visitation has been suspended, and there will be increased use of telephone and virtual visits for youth and their families. All programming provided by community-based organizations will be suspended. The Probation Department is collaborating with the Santa Clara County Office of Education to continue offering educational services for youth at Juvenile Hall remotely. No school staff will be on site.

William F. James Ranch

Morgan Hill, CA

James Ranch operations continue. In-person visitation has been suspended, and there will be increased use of telephone and virtual visits for youth and their families. All programming provided by community-based organizations will be suspended. The Probation Department is collaborating with the Santa Clara County Office of Education to continue offering educational services for youth at the Ranch remotely. No school staff will be on site.

Adult Probation

Main Office
2314 N. First St.
San Jose, CA 95131

The office is currently open during normal business hours for clients, although walk-ins are strongly discouraged. Most appointments have been deferred.

North County Office
270 Grant St.
Palo Alto, CA 94306

This office is open to the public on a limited basis.

South County Office
17275 Butterfield Blvd., Suite C
Morgan Hill, CA 95037

This office is open to the public on a limited basis.​


The Procurement Department ​offices will be closed to the public for appointments. However, the department is still accepting phone calls. Please call the main line at 408-491-7400.

The property disposal warehouse is closed and will not accept drop offs. Please call 669-333-4624 or email to make future appointments.​​


The Public Defender Office is operating with essential staff only but continues to make every effort to provide essential services to our clients. The information below is the most current information we have at this time. 

Client Represenation:
The court has significantly limited its operation for the next several weeks. The Santa Clara County Superior Court has information about its current operation on its website​.

Public Defender Office continues to represent clients in court on the following types of cases at the following courthouses:

Hall of Justice in San Jose, located at 190 W. Hedding Street
1. In custody misdemeanor arraignments – D.42
2. In custody felony arraignments – D.23 
3. Palo Alto/Morgan Hill In Custody arraignments – D.24
4. Family Violence arraignments (In custody and Out of Custody) – D.46
5. Violation of Probation arraignments – D.24 (Thursday at 9:00)
6. Preliminary Hearings – D.39, D.32 and D.34
Family Justice Center in San Jose, located at 201 N. 1st Street
1. Emergency Mental Health Reviews -D.61
Juvenile Justice Center in San Jose, located at 840 Guadalupe Parkway
1. Detentions and Jurisdictional Hearings

Alternate Defender Office​ continues to represent clients in court on the following types of cases at the following courthouses:

Hall of Justice in San Jose, located at 190 W. Hedding Street
1. In custody felony arraignments – D.23
2. Family Violence arraignments (In custody and Out of Custody) – D.46
3. Preliminary Hearings – D.39, D.32 and D.34
Family Justice Center in San Jose, located at 201 N. 1st Street
1. Emergency Mental Health Reviews -D.61
Juvenile Justice Center in San Jose, located at 840 Guadalupe Parkway
1. Detentions and Jurisdictional Hearings

All other criminal cases are being continued. To get more information about your case, you can use the Court's public portal. If you do not have an attorney and need further assistance, please call the court at (408) 882-2700 (press 8 then 0). You can also reach the Criminal Court Clerk's Office at 408-808-6600 (press 4 then 1). 

Seeking release of in custody defendants:
PARR Unit is working night and day to obtain release for individuals who are still incarcerated through collaboration with the Court, DA, Sheriff and Pretrial Services. We have gotten roughly 400 individuals released through this process.

Post custody release assistance:
PDO is also working to assist individuals once they are released, in conjunction with the Reentry Resource Center and the Emergency Operations Center.

Out of Custody In-Take Interviews:
PDO has suspended office in-take interviews. All interviews will be conducted by phone. If you already scheduled an interview a paralegal will call you at the scheduled time. You can call (408) 299-7700 if you need to schedule an interview or need to reschedule it.

Immigration Outreach:
PDO continues to provide immigration outreach. Please call (408) 299-7061. 

PDO Main Office: 120 W. Mission Street, San Jose – Office remains open to assist walk in clients, but phone calls are strongly encouraged if possible. You can call (408) 299-7700.

Investigation Unit: 701 Miller Street (2nd Floor only), San Jose – CLOSED (Call PDO Main)

South County: 17275 Butterfield Blvd, Suite B, Morgan Hill – CLOSED (Call PDO Main)

North County: 231 Grant Avenue, Palo Alto – CLOSED (Call PDO Main)​​​​​​​​​​


During the COVID-19 shelter in place directive if you need services through the Reentry Resource Centers (RRCs) in San Jose or Gilroy, please see alternative options for connecting to those services below and refer to the links at the end of this message. Services are subject to change.

You can call the RRCs at 408-535-4299 and leave a clear message with your name, phone number and question. Someone will return your call. Thank you and stay safe.​

Services at the San Jose Reentry Resource Center (RRC) are limited to only the Medical Mobile Unit (MMU) services. The MMU is available to clients on Mondays from 8:30am-12:00pm (medicine/psychiatry) and 1:00pm-5:00pm (psychiatry only), Wednesdays from 12:30pm-5:00pm (medicine/psychiatry), Thursdays 8:00am-12:00pm (medicine/psychiatry by referral only) and Fridays 8:00-5:00pm (medicine/psychiatry).

The Mission Street Sobering Center at the RRC remains open to law enforcement agencies and emergency departments.

The South County RRC in Gilroy is closed to the public. Clients can call the San Jose RRC main number at (408) 535-4299. Staff are available to respond remotely via phone or e-mail, although response time may be slower than normal. 

Information for various services will be posted at the entrances of the San Jose RRC and the South County RRC for clients to access upon visiting the centers and on RRC's website. See links below for more resources.

Office of Reentry Services (ORS) has contracted community-based organizations such as service navigators, employment providers, and legal service providers, continue to serve clients to the best of their ability. Individuals seeking services should call the RRC main number (408) 535-4299 and leave a message stating their specific needs and RRC staff will contact providers who will in turn call the client. Providers are also focusing on establishing contact with currently enrolled clients.

Below are key updates on various services and programs that are suspended and limited at the San Jose RRC:

  • Reentry Resource Center has suspended client registration and service triage
  • Behavioral Health Services Department is available for screenings by calling Gateway for Substance Use Services at 800-488-9919 or the Mental Health call center at 800-704-0900
  • Behavioral Health treatment and case management groups have been suspended until further notice. In lieu of groups, clinicians will remotely conduct sessions by phone
  • Child Support Services will be available via email and phone. Please contact Estelle Tanaka at or at (408) 503-5471.
  • The Social Services Agency has suspended in-person screenings and enrollment for General Assistance, CalFresh (food stamps), and Medi-Cal. Clients can access information for these services via telephone and online at or 1-877-962-3633. For EBT inquiries, call 1-877-328-9677.
  • Office of Supportive Housing (OSH) has suspended in-person screenings and enrollment and will provide housing support services to clients by phone. Clients are directed to call the San Jose RRC main number (408) 535-4299 and an OSH Community Worker will respond within one business day
  • Custodial Alternative Supervision Program (CASP) participants are not required to report to the RRC until further notice.
  • Weekend Worker Program (WWP) participants are not required to report to the RRC until further notice.
  • Individuals recently released from State Prison or the County Jail formerly required to report to the AB 109 Probation Assessment Team at the RRC are now asked to call the Probation Department at 408-435-2000.
  • The Public Defender’s Record Clearance Program (expungement) is operational via telephone only, including processing intake of new clients. Please call (408) 535-4290, leave a clear message and PDO staff will respond.​
  • Faith Based Centers will continue to provide limited services to those being released from incarceration. Please call for an appointment or intake over the phone prior to visiting:
Destiny (located at Bible Way Christian Center)
2090 Oakland Road San Jose, CA 95131
(408) 571-2222 ext. 18 After Hours (408) 599-8989
Good Samaritan Project (located at Cathedral of Faith)
2315 Canoas Garden Ave., San Jose, CA 95125
(408) 979-3043 After Hours (408) 841-0676
Mission Possible (located at Maranatha Christian Center)
1811 South 7th St., San Jose, CA 95112
(408) 280-0145 After Hours (408) 499-4064
Bridges of Hope (located at John XXIII Multi-Services Center)
195 E. San Fernando St., San Jose, CA 95112
(408) 582-3306 After Hours (408) 528-4003
  • First 5 program specialists are available by phone or email to connect families to resources and information including food pantries and meals, diaper distribution, behavioral health services and unemployment and workers pay. Please call (408) 260-3773 or e-mail
  • Medical Mobile Unit group sessions are scheduled as one-on-one sessions until further notice
  • Wednesday evening San Jose City College courses will be held on-line until at least April 6, 2020
  • Peer Mentor Roundtable meetings on hold until further notice
  • Monday Housing Workshops are on hold until further notice
  • Reentry Services contracted in-custody programming on hold until further notice
  • Reentry Services will continue to administer the Parole program and navigate current service referrals from Parole agents
  • Parole program rehabilitation counselors will contact clients via phone and text. There are no new enrollments at this time.

The Office of Reentry Services is currently working with key stakeholders to establish discharge plans for specific individuals released from the County Jail for supportive reentry services. The Public Health Department’s website contains ongoing updates about COVID-19 and resources.

With updates coming rapidly, these precautionary measures are subject to change. We remain committed to serving our clients the best we can during these challenging times. Be safe and well.


The Registrar of Voter’s Office​ continues to be open. The canvass process for the March Election is in progress. Election results will continue to be updated regularly. All voter education and outreach events have been canceled. Voters who require services are encouraged to contact the office by phone or email or use the online services available at​


For the Roads and Airports Department, road maintenance and traffic signal maintenance will be reduced to minimum levels. To report an incident or maintenance request (trees down, traffic signal off etc.) on a county road or expressway, please use the online reporting tool.

The East, West and South Maintenance Yards, Reid Hillview Airport and the Skyport location will be closed to the public and phone service will be limited. Emergency or urgent after hours road service requests should be called in to 408-299-2507.​


The Office of the Sheriff​ is dedicated to ensuring public safety and will remain open 24x7 in order to respond to emergencies. All essential functions are open with appropriate precautions being implemented in order to reduce exposure and ensure the safety and health of our community.

Our public lobbies and visitor access may be temporarily closed to the public during this public health emergency and all sick visitors will be turned away. Some appointments, such as LiveScan fingerprinting, have been canceled and will be available for rescheduling in the future.

If you need law enforcement assistance, please contact 9-1-1 for all emergency situations. For non-emergency or general information, please contact (408) 808-4400. For law enforcement services during normal business hours at any of our substations, please contact us in order to arrange a time or handle over the phone when possible.

In order to protect the health of inmates and staff, all visitation has been suspended. We understand that visitations are important to both those incarcerated and their loved-ones; however, this step is necessary in order to limit the spread of COVID-19. Social visits will be reestablished as soon as it’s safe to do so.​​


The Social Services Agency has closed all service lobby areas, effective Monday, March 16th. All public assistance services will remain fully accessible through convenient online, phone, mail and drop box channels. We will continue to be available to help meet many of the community’s essential service needs without interruption, but with limited essential staff, there might be increased wait times. SSA is suspending in-person client contact but will continue to support all public assistance services, which will remain fully accessible through convenient online, phone, mail and drop box channels.

To Apply for Benefits or Homeless Assistance, Schedule or Reschedule an Appointment, Report Changes, Contact a County Worker, or Submit a Report or Document:

  • Go Online or Download App @
  • Call Us at 1-877-962-3633 or Your County Worker’s Direct Line
  • Mail to PO Box 11018 or Use Drop Box at Office
  • FOR EBT INQUIRIES Call: 1-877-328-9677

Very limited access to our lobbies will be made available on a case-by-case basis, by appointment only. Please contact us at 1-877-962-3633 or contact Your County Worker’s Direct Line to make necessary appointment or arrangement. 

To Report Child Abuse:

The Child Abuse & Neglect Center is still operating and can be reached at (833) SCC-KIDS (722-5437)

  • In cases of an immediate emergency, always call 911 for law enforcement intervention. Where the situation is not an emergency needing the police, reports should be made to the Child Abuse and Neglect Center.

To Report Adult Abuse:

Adult Protective Services APS 24/7 hotline remains operational, and reports of suspected or know abuse and neglect of Elders and Dependent Adults will continue to be accepted:

  • APS Hotline: 408-975-4900 and 1800-414-2002
  • For Law Enforcement only: 408-975-4800

Adult Protective Services is currently following State guidelines that allows APS programs to collect, and review information related to the client’s situation and needs by phone prior to conducting a face to face/in person visit. Priority will be assigned to those at highest risk and in imminent danger and APS will be coordinating with law enforcement for in person responses

To Apply for In-Home Supportive Services (IHSS):

  • Call 408-792-1600; Press # to leave a voice mail that you are requesting to apply with your name and phone number.
  • Fax – Send Name, Phone Number and request to apply for IHSS to 408-792-1601
  • Please do not come in person. Our lobby may be closed to the public.

For inquiries about IHSS timesheets and payment discrepancies:

Senior Nutrition Program

In an effort to protect the health of Senior Nutrition Program participants in this complicated time, SSA and partners have made the difficult decision to close all sites for dine-in meals. The Program has moved toward a take-out model at most locations, while a handful of locations have temporarily closed.

As of March 23, the following sites are temporarily closed:
Billy deFrank Community Center, Cubberley Senior Center, Korean-American Community Services, Live Oak Adult Day Services, Mountain View Senior Center, Vista Center. All other sites are open for take-out service.

Click here for a map of locations and hours of operation.

Meals on Wheels continues to provide home-delivery of meals. Call (408) 350-3246 for more information.

Office of the Public Guardian

The Public Administrator Guardian Conservator Office is only providing limited services and support. Please be aware that messages left on the main line may not be returned for some time. If you know your worker’s phone number, please contact them directly. If you are experiencing a life-threatening emergency, call 911.

Veteran Service Office

Located at 68 N. Winchester Ave has closed its lobby to the public. Our Veteran Service Representatives will be contacting clients with scheduled meetings to conduct the appointment by phone. Please call our office with questions at 408-918-4980.​​​​​​​


The Department of Tax and Collections (DTAC) locations are operating minimum services to address urgent customer services matters only.

To limit the spread of the virus, taxpayers and members of the public are directed to contact DTAC via phone or email only. In-person services are not available.

For assistance with inquiries or payments please see below:

  • For Property Tax related inquiries, please leave messages at (408) 808-7900 or Payments can be made online at the DTAC Website or through the mobile app – SCC DTAC.
  • For Public Assistance Collections inquiries, please leave messages at (408) 326-1004 or Payments can be made online at the DTAC Website or at (844) 472-9772.
  • For other Collections inquiries, please leave messages at (408) 326-1000. Payments can be made online at the DTAC Website or at (877) 729-4773.

Payments in cashier’s checks, money orders or personal and business checks can be mailed to the department at:


PO BOX 60534





SAN JOSE, CA 95110-1767

All inquiries and messages will be returned when business returns to normal. Additional information is available at the DTAC Website​​​​.​​​

Last updated: 4/3/2020 8:11 AM