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County Seal


Santa Clara County, California

Santa Clara County was established by Charter in 1850. It is named after an historical landmark - Mission Santa Clara, the eighth mission founded in California, which bears the name of Saint Clara of Assisi, Italy. Clara means “clear” or “bright,” an appropriate name for an area with magnificent natural amenities and one of the highest standards of living in the country. The sun in the seal symbolizes its brightness.


A significant portion of the county’s 1,315 miles is unincorporated ranch and farmland and Santa Clara County is the largest member community of Silicon Valley. The bridge in the center of the seal symbolizes the span of county’s history from an agricultural oasis known as the Valley of Heart’s Delight to a hub of innovation and high-technology.


The fertile Santa Clara Valley runs the entire length of the county and is ringed by the rolling hills of the Diablo Range on the east and the Santa Cruz Mountains on the west. The river under the bridge symbolizes the forward movement of a progressive, future-oriented, healthy, safe and prosperous community for all Santa Clara County residents


Last updated: 6/22/2017 1:09 PM