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24/7 Community Service

SCC GOV 101 ACADEMY: Week Seven



Week seven of SCC GOV 101 ACADEMY, "24/7 Community Service,"  was held on April 14, 2012, and featured the Santa Clara County Fire Department, 911 County Communications, the County Parks Department and the Roads and Airports Department.

Academy participants gathered on Saturday at the County Government Center where they took a bus for the day's activities. The first stop was the fire station and training facility tour where they learned about County fire services, and got hands-on experience with spraying water from a firehose, exploring fire engines and equipment, and climbing up the fire training tower.
The bus then took participants to the 911 County Communications Center where they learned about the role of 9-1-1 dispatchers and toured the center. The group then explored Martial Cottle County Park, currently under development, and learned about the County's 29 parks and 46,000 acres of parkland.
The day wrapped up at the Roads and Airports Traffic Control Center with a tour and briefing where participants learned that an estimated 3 million trips are taken on county roads daily; 1.5 million of those are on expressways, which are used by 55% of county residents each day.