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Academy Graduation 2012




Week ten of SCC GOV 101 ACADEMY, the graduation of the inaugural class of 31 participants, was held on May 22, 2012, at the County of Santa Clara Board of Supervisors meeting. The graduation ceremony featured a presentation by each Supervisor to the graduates in each district, followed by photos, and a reception to honor the graduates.


Graduation Ceremony Photos (not all graduates pictured):

District 1: Rev. Jethroe Moore II, Marisela Nuñez, Supervisor Mike Wasserman, Lisa Marshik (not pictured: Doug Muirhead, Joanne McPhee, Julie Hutcheson)

District 2: Elizabeth Figueroa, President George Shirakawa, Richard Vierhus (not pictured: David Truslow, Viridiana Romero, Monique Gaines, Joe Nieto)

District 3: Narendra V. Pathak, Supervisor Dave Cortese, Carmen Montano (not pictured: Yollette Merritt)

District 4: Mary Cheryl Nacionales, Janikke Klem, Kathy Wilder, Supervisor Ken Yeager, Michael Shelly Babowal, Anne Hansen, Janice Allen (not pictured: Dwight Collins, Liz Marquez, Barbara Helmgartner, Lydia Guel)

District 5: Marcel Pajuelo-Schwartz, Supervisor Liz Kniss, Elyse Gerson, Stephanie Charles, Normand Berube (not pictured: Theresa Couture, Miryam Castaneda)