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10-Week Program Helps Residents Learn About County Programs and Services

The SCC GOV 101 ACADEMY 10-week program provides Santa Clara County residents with a comprehensive overview of County government, its role and responsibilities, as well as the programs and services offered by the County. 

The 2016 program has not been scheduled. Applications are not being accepted at this time.





2014 SCC GOV 101 Academy Snapshots:

The 2014 academy held its first session on February 11. A graduation ceremony was held at the end of the academy during a Board of Supervisors meeting. 


Week One: Know Your County Tour of Vector Control Lab

Week Two: All About Taxes

Week Three: Keeping the Community Safe

Week Four: Justice at Work

Week Five: Supporting the Community

Week Six: Protecting the Environment and Consumers

Week Seven: Healthy Communities

Week Eight: 24/7 Community Service

Week Nine: Enhancing Community Life

Week Ten: Get Involved

Academy Graduation






SCC GOV 101 Academy - Spring 2014 Class


In November 2011, the County of Santa Clara Board of Supervisors authorized the creation of the new program for Santa Clara County residents with the purpose to:
  • Raise public awareness of County roles and services;
  • Promote engagement and understanding of the County;
  • ​Encourage participation in advisory boards and commissions and volunteer opportunities, and;
  • Contribute to creating a more informed public.