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Occupational Safety and Environmental Compliance (OSEC)
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Introduction to Safety on the Job

Published on: 12/19/2012 5:24 PM
Every member of the County organization has a vital role to play in workplace safety to protect himself, his co-workers and clients from on-the-job accidents and hazards. To create an organizational culture, which embraces safety as a day-to-day priority, requires dedication to caring, acceptance of responsibility, training, communication, and mutual support at all levels of the organization. Safety is a daily priority that must be part of everything we do on the job. It is everyone’s responsibility, and every County employee must recognize the need to care for such. As employees, we must all be diligent in following the County safety procedures and practices, in helping our co-workers when necessary to safely accomplish certain tasks, and in keeping a watchful eye for any hazardous or unsafe condition.​
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