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Occupational Safety and Environmental Compliance (OSEC)
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Proactive Ergonomic Program

Published on: 4/13/2016 2:54 PM

The County takes a proactive approach towards workplace safety and environmental health for all its employees.  In an effort to reduce the incidence of ergonomic injuries such as repetitive strain injuries (RSI), OSEC Department has developed a Proactive Ergonomic Program.  Part of the program includes a one-time proactive ergonomic evaluation for full-time and permanent, County employees.  Supervisor approval is required and the Proactive Ergonomic Evaluation Request Form must be completed and sent to OSEC.  Procedures may vary in some Departments and Agencies, but the process is detailed below.  For any additional information please contact Tristan Robledo at or (408) 441-4285.

Proactive Ergonomic Process

  1. Employee must receive Supervisor approval and complete the Proactive Ergonomic Evaluation Request Form (below). Please note any vendor preference on form.
  2. The Proactive Ergonomic Evaluation Request Form must be emailed or faxed to OSEC, attention: Tristan Robledo (Proactive Ergonomic Evaluation Request Form must be emailed or faxed to OSEC, attention: Tristan Robledo ( or 408.432.7555).
  3. Request will be processed by OSEC and when approved an email will be sent to requestor and employee's supervisor containing a vendor proposal and accounting codes.
  4. The requestor must create a Contract Release using the accounting codes provided and must email a copy to Tristan Robledo.  This will also generate a Purchase Order (PO) number.
  5. The requestor can contact the designated ergonomic vendor after the PO is generated to schedule the appointment.  Please complete evaluation within 30 days.
  6. The ergonomic evaluation is performed and minor modifications may be made at this time.
  7. An ergonomic report is then provided to the supervisor and OSEC.  If equipment recommendations are provided they are subject to department policy and supervisor approval.  See Ergonomic Products Reference List below for ordering information.
  8. A vendor invoice will be sent.  Please forward it to both your fiscal department and Tristan Robledo in OSEC and request payment release.  Payment must be made within 30 days.
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