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Sustainable County Working Group

The Office of Sustainability (OOS), in consultation with the consulting firm Raimi + Associates, assembled a list of departments and offices whose programs, activities, goods, or services are anticipated to most significantly impact County sustainability goals. The directors of these departments and offices recommended a Sustainability Coordinator from their staff to participate in the Sustainable County Working Group (SCWG) and be a liaison to OOS throughout the development of the Sustainability Master Plan (SMP). Once selected, the Sustainability Coordinator completed an initial “sustainability survey” to identify the key five to ten programs, activities, goods, or services within their areas that positively or negatively impact County sustainability.

The SCWG launched in 2018 with representation from all of the following offices, departments, and agencies:

·         Dept. of Child Support Services

·         Consumer and Environmental Protection Agency

·         County Executive Office – Procurement

·         County Executive Office – Budget and Analysis

·         County Executive Office – Cultural Competency

·         County Executive Office – Emergency Services

·         County Executive Office – Supportive Housing

·         Dept. of Planning and Development

·         Employee Services Agency

·         Facilities and Fleet Dept.

·         Finance Agency

·         Information Services Dept.

·         Local Agency Formation Commission

·         Parks and Recreation Dept.

·         Roads and Airports Dept.

·         Public Health Dept.

·         Health and Hospital System

·         Social Services Agency


The meeting provided an overview of the SMP development process, and the role of Sustainability Coordinators in implementing a Sustainability Management System.  There remain other departments important to County sustainability which have not yet been included in the SCWG (e.g., public safety and justice departments).  These County departments will be invited to participate in a future meeting to focus, in part, on their unique activities.  OOS will also begin direct outreach with each department to meet with key personnel and analyze significant impacts to County sustainability. 

For more information, please contact the Office of Sustainability by email or phone (408-993-4760).


Last updated: 7/2/2020 8:41 AM